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Please be kind, January

I wished for a quiet and productive beginning to the year, and it would've been just that -- except for losing my job last week. It was a day like any other until my boss told me that my job had been eliminated and sent me home, with no severance.  I'm so sad.  Most of all, I'm not up for another year of ups and downs, employment-wise.  I spent the last week trying to ignore the situation as best I can, and crafted, got projects done around the house, and shopped for buried treasure. I had my friend Karen over to craft on Martin Luther King Day and we made vintage fabric hearts.  Above was the spread on my dining room table -- lots of fabric and fun things to choose from! Mine started with a layer of felted wool, then velvet, then some lovely brown netted lace, then some novelty painted fabric, more velvet, and, finally, a lovely antique millinery rose.  I added charms, buttons, and lots of trim and hand-stitching.  I'm happy with the result ! My favori