Please be kind, January

I wished for a quiet and productive beginning to the year, and it would've been just that -- except for losing my job last week.
It was a day like any other until my boss told me that my job had been eliminated and sent me home, with no severance.  I'm so sad.  Most of all, I'm not up for another year of ups and downs, employment-wise. 

I spent the last week trying to ignore the situation as best I can, and crafted, got projects done around the house, and shopped for buried treasure.
I had my friend Karen over to craft on Martin Luther King Day and we made vintage fabric hearts.  Above was the spread on my dining room table -- lots of fabric and fun things to choose from!

Mine started with a layer of felted wool, then velvet, then some lovely brown netted lace, then some novelty painted fabric, more velvet, and, finally, a lovely antique millinery rose.  I added charms, buttons, and lots of trim and hand-stitching.  I'm happy with the result!
My favorite thing about it is that it hangs from a vintage sweater clip.  If you have a chance to go and "favorite" it in my Etsy shop, that would be much appreciated!
I was on a roll, so I created a second one (above.)  A third one is also in the works!

As you know if you've been a blog reader of mine for a while, I love the valentine motif for making art.  I'm participating in one fabric heart swap next month with a Facebook group, and plan to keep all my supplies out there on my dining room table so I can spontaneously pick up and keep creating as often as possible!

As far as my Etsy shop, I'm keeping it as full as I can, at about 100 items available, and there is a 40% off purchases over $25 sale going on, still!
While out thrifting and junking, I've been finding fun vintage "picks" and plan to make many valentines with them and other vintage items in my stash.  Just today I sold some 1950s era valentines and I scanned them before sending them off.  Here are a few that you are welcome to download and use in your art:

And I'm just beginning to list some vintage Easter items!
I'm happy for the company of kitties while I'm bouncing around the house on these wintry, cold January days.
Art likes to lay on top of the highest cabinet while I sit at the desk and type...
while Paul usually prefers to camouflage himself downstairs.  While the rest of the country's been experiencing unusually cold weather, we have not.  But, tonight we're bracing for a big change in weather and SNOW, so we've stocked up on necessities.  I have a couple of books to read, and all of the above-mentioned art projects planned, too, so it can snow all it wants!

Will you be making valentines this year?  I'd love to swap some hand made paper cards or tags with friends; let me know if you're interested in doing that -- comment below and be sure I have a way to reach you if your Google account is set to no-reply!


Createology said…
Laurie Dear I am sincerely sorry about your job being eliminated and with no notice or severance pay. I am truly grateful I no longer work by choice. At my age companies only want volunteers and not paid staff. Love your HeArts you have created. Crafternoon with a friend is the very best remedy. Stay warm and cozy. It is getting very chilly here in Nor Cal and snow is predicted down to 3500’...Yikes! I only like snow when it stays higher up in the ski resorts where it belongs. Blessings for 2018...<3
Lilbitbrit said…
Laurie I am sorry to hear of your job loss, keep your pucker up, you always have a smile , but I know that is not easy. You family has had more than their share of job loss. It's a bit of a roller coaster, we've been on it. Wish you the best.
WW said…
Hi Laurie, so sorry to hear about your job. You guys are been having a rough time with jobs. I'm excited to see what you create on your day in.
I'd love to swap with you, I don't know what I'd make, but I didn't get any Christmas cards and would not like to repeat that with Valentine's Day.
I think you can reply to this, but I don't know.
WW said…
I just realized my horrible grammar on that last comment. I have been so spoiled by being able to edit my comments on facebook, that I tried to edit it. :(
Kelli Davidson said…
I am so sorry about your job! I hope your husband is still working -- I went in to your etsy shop and "hearted" several of your Valentine items -- let's hope it moves them up and more people see them!
Claudia said…
Oh Laurie, I'm so sorry you are jobless again. How frustrating! Hang in there, hopefully just the right thing will come along before long.

I love the hearts you are creating, they are beautiful!

Take care!
Unknown said…
I too am hoping for a year with less ups and downs. The job search is not fun and figuring out the right move to make is stressful; thank goodness for creating stuff, right? I would love to participate in your valentine exchange. Let me know. ♥ lbhammit@gmail since I am not sure how the Google account works.
Lorraine said…
I'm really sorry that your job was eliminated so suddenly. Keeping my fingers crossed that something will come up that will fit you to a T and be fun too. Glad to see that you're staying creative - I think it's the best medicine when you're feeling low. Best wishes.

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