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Thrift store finds, again

I indulged in some thrift shopping this morning, and was very happy with what I came home with for just under $5: This pretty runner, which I intend to take apart for its tatted middle I don't know why I felt I needed this veil -- but I did.  It's new in the package. Just in time for Oktoberfest -- these tiny paper party hats!  They originally had feathers attached, which I might replace since these came without. This extra large pad of hangman pages -- I thought it would be the perfect thing for hanging out with my son next week.  We used to love to play that when he was little! Even though these transfers are intended for punch needle, I think I can just as easily use them for regular embroidery. Some handwritten letters, a prayer card, and an old postcard. Did you notice this under my pile of ephemera?  I had to have it!  It desperately needs cleaning... but it's PINK and I think it will be fun to craft with. This party centerpiece is incomplete, but I still like it -- e

Thrift store finds

I'm trying to downsize, and cut back on buying.  I love buying and re-selling kitschy stuff, and have had a long and enjoyable hobby doing that...but, with my full time job and no plans to revert to part time again soon, something had to give!  I've tried very hard this summer to resist the temptation of flea markets, antique shows, and thrift shops.  But every once in a while, I'll treat myself -- and I did that Saturday! I adore this little cloth bag that someone created from an embroidered runner (I think.)  The best part: that little covered button! I went back and forth about buying this polyester "throw" that someone sewed like a quilt -- so much ORANGE!  I ended up getting it and then was lucky enough to find this little juice carafe.  I'd actually been searching for it for a couple of years, as I have another glass bottom without the lid.  I think it's a cute holder for fall snacks like nuts. One of my collections that many people don't know ab

Not quite the art and wine festival...but...

When I was growing up, the end of summer was signaled by the Millbrae Art and Wine Festival, a fabulous street fair every year in my hometown.  They're still having it -- now is the 50th year!   Even when I moved to another area, I'd still high tail it back to the A&W Festival, grab my mom or whoever I could talk into going, and walk up and down to Broadway, feeling nostalgic.  And when I moved away from CA, I really, really missed it, and hearing about it from my friends who still lived there made me very homesick. Well, here's what we have in Colorado Springs every Labor Day: a hot air balloon festival in Memorial Park. At this time of year, you can always see balloons flying in the early mornings, but it's been several years since we got up before dawn to drive downtown and see the lift off.  We did today and it was lots of fun! I first experienced a balloon festival in New Mexico about 16 years ago, and there's nothing like it for outdoor fun and people watc