Not quite the art and wine festival...but...

When I was growing up, the end of summer was signaled by the Millbrae Art and Wine Festival, a fabulous street fair every year in my hometown.  They're still having it -- now is the 50th year!  Even when I moved to another area, I'd still high tail it back to the A&W Festival, grab my mom or whoever I could talk into going, and walk up and down to Broadway, feeling nostalgic.  And when I moved away from CA, I really, really missed it, and hearing about it from my friends who still lived there made me very homesick.

Well, here's what we have in Colorado Springs every Labor Day: a hot air balloon festival in Memorial Park.
At this time of year, you can always see balloons flying in the early mornings, but it's been several years since we got up before dawn to drive downtown and see the lift off.  We did today and it was lots of fun!

I first experienced a balloon festival in New Mexico about 16 years ago, and there's nothing like it for outdoor fun and people watching!
One of the things the balloonists like to try to do is skim the water of Lake Prospect.  This guy did a great job!
In the water!
Back up, and dripping down as he flies away!
It's a fun, wear your sweats, no make-up, bring your coffee and lawn chair kind of thing to do with your honey.
We left just after the Air Force paratroopers did a demo landing on the field.  They are amazing!
I hope you're enjoying your Labor Day weekend!


Lorraine said…
Looks like you had an awesome time. That's a wonderful way to start the day.

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