Thrift store finds

I'm trying to downsize, and cut back on buying.  I love buying and re-selling kitschy stuff, and have had a long and enjoyable hobby doing that...but, with my full time job and no plans to revert to part time again soon, something had to give!  I've tried very hard this summer to resist the temptation of flea markets, antique shows, and thrift shops.  But every once in a while, I'll treat myself -- and I did that Saturday!
I adore this little cloth bag that someone created from an embroidered runner (I think.)  The best part:
that little covered button!
I went back and forth about buying this polyester "throw" that someone sewed like a quilt --
so much ORANGE!  I ended up getting it and then was lucky enough to find this little juice carafe.  I'd actually been searching for it for a couple of years, as I have another glass bottom without the lid.  I think it's a cute holder for fall snacks like nuts.
One of my collections that many people don't know about is Little Bo Peep stuff.  I just have a thing for that nursery rhyme!  My collection is up to about 4 or 5 items now.
Something else I've been waiting to find: the perfect address book, as mine is now in its third or fourth version and I'm ready for a new one!  If you loved Victoria magazine like I did back in the day, you'd know how happy I was to find this pristine copy by them!
And that's really all I got -- when shopping for myself, I'm much pickier and I leave a whole lot of valuable things that I know I could easily flip behind for the next person to scoop up!

While I'm at it, I'll show you what I bought at the last garage sale I went to:
Again, not too much but each piece carefully chosen: that great divided wooden box, old banister spindles, a handmade rag flower post, and a beautiful Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell fabric box in great condition.  That's all going in my craft room!


Lorraine said…
I love your discerning eye. You always seem to find great stuff!

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