Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My vintage Christmas addiction

Hi, my name is Laurie, and I'm a vintage-Christmas-aholic.
 Front and back of  this pair of Santa candle holders!
 They were in such great condition that I couldn't leave them behind!
 Vintage Christmas wrap...
 A runner I almost passed up because I thought, at $4, it was too expensive.  That's how I get when I'm out thrifting!
 I just love all the reindeer!
I bought all of these at the antique store in Boulder: 
 This very delicate glass ornament is by Resl Lenz; it was made in Germany, and is the first in their 12 Days of Christmas Series...
 a partridge in a pear tree!
 I love this little boot by Holt Howard!
 I picked up this little grouping of ornaments at a thrift shop called St. Paws, where sales go to support animal rescue charities.
 These little red deer ar flocked, then decorated to the hilt, including with sequins pinned on.
 This "old lady who lived in a shoe" ornament is so kitschy -- look at that tiny plastic deer on the toe!
 I love this little sparkly snowman, and the angel...
 that still has its "made in Japan" tag on it!
 These are glass ornaments with molded plastic angels attached to them!
 This is the back of the box they came in.
 I thought this macrame Christmas tree wall hanging was just charming!
 You just don't see something like this every day!
 Or like this: a chunky candle holder, shaped like a wrapped gift!  You slip a votive inside on the bottom.
Now these Christmas bulbs were so delicate and unique.  I have no idea what their use was...anyone?
I do my best to stay away from the thrift shops, but as you can see I'm not always successful!  There is just so much Christmas junk to see at this time of the year.
It's a sickness.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dreaming of a vintage white Christmas

I received my white Christmas swap ATCs the other day; what a beautiful package to get!  It was so lovely the way she wrapped and embellished it.
These were the six I received:
 Kim sent along these beautiful creations to all the swappers:
 Here's a better photo of the one I sent six of; I hope the swappers loved them.
 Visit Kim's blog for photos of all the ATC's that got swapped!
I haven't had too much time for creating, but I did make a point of working on two wreaths just the other night:
The first was a craft store basic evergreen one; first I took off all the stuff that came on it, and then I refurbished it all in sparkling silver.  As you can see, Paul Simon was pretty pushed out of shape that I wouldn't let him help.
The second one was a vintage white wreath I found at a thrift store a while back.  I had been saving it to decorate, and I chose white and red vintage picks to use:
 How much do you love that little ice skater?  She has a wooden head, and her body is made of beads.  I adore her sparkly tinsel skating blades!
This kind of stuff makes me so happy.
I can hardly believe it's Christmas in one week!
We have been having COLD COLD COLD December days and nights -- it kind of does put you in the mood!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Vintage Christmas in Boulder, Colorado

For my husband's birthday this past weekend, we went to Boulder, Colorado for an overnight stay in the Hotel Boulderado.  The town was kicking off the Christmas season, and the hotel was festively decorated. In fact, the first person we saw upon arrival was Santa Claus, eating in the hotel's cafe!
That seriously really set the mood!

It was a little getaway that I won at my work Christmas party last year.  It's a lovely, historical hotel, and one that we probably wouldn't have gotten to otherwise. We had a large corner room, with a bed that was so wonderfully comfortable that we both got a great night's sleep.
Before dinner, we went to the town's little holiday light's parade.  It was so much fun -- very "small town" feeling.
It was a super cold night, about 24 degrees before the windchill.  We bundled up like crazy (including long underwear) but it was so unbearable that were only able to stay for about 40 minutes before we ran back to the warmth of the hotel!

We really enjoyed ourselves, and Dennis had a memorable birthday!
The famous glass ceiling in the hotel's lobby.
The pretty church we could see from the window of our room.
On the way home, we stopped at a favorite antique store!  Dennis was very, very patient with me while I enjoyed all the vintage Christmas things I could find there!  Three hours went by very, very quickly.  Luckily -- they have a sitting area with a TV where Dennis and the other guys were hanging out, watching the game while wives shopped.

 Christmas overload!

This giraffe cracked me up -- the idea was to stretch out its neck and use it display your Christmas cards!
 I gasped when I saw this set of Three Wise Men, because I'd just left the exact same set behind at a thrift store a few days before!  This set was selling for $20; at the thrift store it was going for about $6.
This was the weirdest thing I saw there: a couple of "Christmas trees" made from old metal ironing boards.  
I didn't really "get" them.
And, this was the creepiest thing I saw there:
A framed picture, where the faces of three people were printed inside the shape of a bow.  Or, maybe they were painted?  I'm not really sure.  Do you think it's as creepy as I do?