Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rag tag snow days

Look what I made: a rag wreath.  I've never made one before but I found these wire forms at the thrift shop, new old stock.  I had some strips of fabric that I had cut up long ago for weaving projects.
 I used all of the light colored ones in the wreath -- plus, I added in some neutral and pale pink and blue prints here and there for color.  It still needs a trim and a fluff here and there.
Can you imagine how many knots I had to tie to make it?
It goes nicely with my display of soft neutrals.
And one can never have too many wreaths, I always say.
 I know it's not anywhere near Christmas anymore, but I found this large (used) gift tag at an antique store and I had to have it.
 The seller had cards in a basket, 3 for $2, so I also chose:
 a couple of greeting cards.
 This one had such cute graphics, and included a song sheet inside.
 The bunny rabbit one is really interesting; see that window with the rabbit in mylar?  Well, when you pull on the left edge tab, the rabbit's face and ears move as if it's a flip book or something.
My favorite part was David's signature.
 I love this era of graphics (above) -- I think these were meant to be cupcake toothpicks.  Probably for an office party, don't you think?  I wish I'd found them a few weeks sooner...
 As I do this beautiful, hanging "waterfall" Valentine greeting.  The components are shaped like leaves and strung together with a pink silk ribbon.  I'm not in love with the courtly couple in the first two leaves, but I adore the girl and the fairy, as well as the prose.
 This one is my favorite.  The embossing overall is just lovely.
And since everything in the booth was half-priced, it was a bargain.
 In the same sale booth, I was intrigued by this cash register drawer.  I saw a shelf unit.
In particular, I think it would be a fun display for paper, such as piles of tags which are about the right size to fit under the clamps where the bills would normally go.  And then the coin sections could hold small antique items.  I just need to find a way to hang it; maybe as simple as a ribbon all around the outside that ties at the top.
I was trying to explain this to the lady at the antique store.  It was one of those times I got the look.  You know the look I'm talking about.
It's not as bad as Boston or Maine, but we have been getting our share of snow, ice and low temperatures here in Colorado.  In fact, it feels like it's never going to stop. 
The other day, just before another storm rolled in, I was out running errands and decided to stop by an estate sale, where the only thing I found was this sunny little card box...
 but there were no cards inside.  Instead, this pile of goodies and a thank you card.
The estate sale was at the home of a woman who was a higher up in the Avon business, and this gift was from one of the sales people she managed.  There were boxes and boxes of Avon products, too.  Not surprisingly, they weren't moving out the door.
 The butterfly is a pin, and the mitten and gloves are just decorations.  All are made from felt with lots of fancy beading and detail.
 I love how the glove and mitten have back detail, too!  The glove opens like a glove (almost) and might actually be a glasses, or cigarette, sleeve.
I don't know if all the gifts went together, but I can imagine this chiffony yellow scarf with plastic bead wrap being worn with the blue butterfly, can't you?
On a spring day.  In the warm sun.
Yeah, I have the snowy February blues!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thrift store finds, some sewing, and pretty petals

You know what they say: When the going gets tough, the tough go thrifting.  Or something like that.  All I know is that when I need a break, I find nothing more relaxing than treasure hunting at the junk store.
 Here's what I came home with this time: a pink poodle box of vintage cards...
 it was irresistible to me because I actually remember getting this exact same bunny rabbit card when I was about 6 years old, from an aunt.
 Then, there were these little gift tags.  I've seen Christmas tags in that size and shape, but don't recall seeing birthday or wedding tags before.
Remember when the fanciest of cards were sprinkled with glitter? 
The little doggie cards took me on a sentimental journey, what can I say?
Then, in the textiles section of the shop: I had just been admiring some similar vintage fabric on eBay, so when I saw this pretty white tea/table cloth I had to snatch it up...
 as well as these lovely placemats; their small size makes them just right for journal covers.
 And look at this bright scarf with hand rolled edges and the large Vera signature.  If you've never visited their website to help you date your Vera products, it's here.  According to it, this scarf dates to 1970-73.
 Above, as I was sorting through strips of fabric for a rag wreath I'm planning to make, I threw these scraps to the side and then I couldn't bear to toss them so I sewed them together haphazardly, just for fun.  It's really hard for me to throw pretty things away, no matter how small a scrap!
No plans yet for the little block.
I must say I do prefer the casual scrapping of my little block to the studied, carefully-planned crazy quilt style block I'm making in Kathy's class, above, which is accomplished with templates and lots and lots of directions!  I am definitely not a precision person.  That is not to say that I'm not enjoying learning the proper way to crazy quilt -- because I really really am enjoying it -- and I highly recommend the class!
The other day I got out the Coffee filter flower kit that was one of the sponsor gifts at the last Birdsong event I attended.  It was made by Heather Kowalski, who is a lovely, friendly, talented person.  The one on the left is the sample, and I made the one on the right using the kit, which had coffee filters dyed in various shades of the most beautiful pink hues!
So that's what I've been up to lately.  How about you?  What are you finding/making/doing?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

More hearts and flowers day fun

Isn't this flower and heart just wonderful? 
It is made from purple FUN DOUGH.  I handed some out to friends at work, and when she left for the day my friend Kim left this on my desk for me. What a fun surprise!

Just this morning I was looking through my craft room craziness when I came across this little bird -- it is one I found at an antique store last year and immediately recognized as the work of Lesa Dailey.  She's one of my favorites!

Here's a front view -- i'ts a little Valentine bird!  I'm so glad I found it before the big day Saturday!
Lesa will be teaching a class at Karla's Birdsong 5 --  I can't go but you maybe you can! There may still be a couple of spots available for the June workshop; check it out on Karla's blog here.
 I told you about all the fun I had at The Pink Attic Cat Saturday, but forgot to show you what I bought: two vintage valentines.  The little terrier on the left looks like a dog I would love to have but it will probably have to be in another life.  The card on the right just reminded me of my son as he's been staffing a school sports concession stand lately.
I don't think I have ever seen this tiny Victorian scrap before -- isn't it adorable?  It is teeny tiny itty bitty.
I also picked up this SWEET gift bag for someone's special valentine!
This gorgeous Vera scarf in shades of pink is an estate sale find.  Heavenly!
 The contributors at the Tag Tuesday blog are having all kinds of valentine fun with tags; above is one I made for the theme Valentines...
and this one was for last week's theme, blues.  I was into hearts last week as well (no kidding!)
See the rest of the tags on our Tag Tuesday blog here.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I {big pink puffy heart} Valentine's Day crafting

I look forward to Valentine's Day...
it is such a charming reason for a celebration!
All love and hearts and lace and flowers and pink!
Rebecca and I took an afternoon out for creating at our friend Amy's store, The Pink Attic Cat.
Her store has always been a favorite, but now has a new location...
on Rapp Street, still in Littleton, Colorado.  It was my first visit to the new digs!
Here's Amy with the talented Isa, in the new shop.  It's bigger -- with more room for everything!
So, Amy held a Valentine craft day at The Pink Attic Cat; look at all the wonderful stuff she gave us to start with in our kits!
All yummy and truly vintage!
And then we had ALL these extras to choose from...
and snacks!  We were spoiled.
Of course there was plenty of wonderful stuff for sale all over the shop -- there always is.
 Here are some peeks at Valentine-y vignettes...

so much inspiration!
Here's Rebecca hard at work!
It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday; I think it's obvious that we were having a wonderfully relaxing, fun time!
 I made all this!
 First, using the bottom of a Valentine heart candy box, I did a Parisian vignette.
There's an Eifel Tower, a plane and a ticket within a heart.  I jokingly said, do you think my husband will take the hint?
 Here's the back; it can hang on the wall from a bit of lacy trim.
 Amy had this fabulous vintage doily placemat which I used over red paper for the card on the left; I especially love the Rocky Mountain Dairy milk cap!
The one on the right is layered with vintage elements, die cuts, and a really wonderful stamp!  I may be adding some glitter and shading to it later.
 A vintage juvenile valentine, lined with eyelets and hanging from a crepe paper handle.
I couldn't resist the blues when I was putting this one together.  That black strip across the bottom is a blade from a vintage fan that Amy salvaged! 

There was all kinds of fabulous creating going on there!
Oh, I brought this little tag as a gift for Amy -- I had so much fun with the vixen theme, and incorporated a garter clip and a piece of vintage slip strap into the design!  The heart is vintage wallpaper.  And of course -- it's all pink!
I hope you enjoy your hearts and flowers week!