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A return to thrifty finds

WELL, now that I have my craft room reorganized , I have time and space to sort and photograph treasures!  So, here are a few very fun, thrifty finds from my trip to Kansas that I took time to photograph today, just to show you!  How much do you love these salt and pepper shakers? Not just the kiwi color, but also the sort of Suessian shape -- and the back is as cute as the front!  I adore this 1950's kitchen cannister!  Look at that atomic-style star on the lid! It's a great color blue, and the stylized kitchen implements just make me swoon. One of the things I absolutely LOVED about going to the Sparks flea market was the camaraderie with other junkers; whenever anyone saw this intact tiny mold set I bought, they gasped and drooled.  They were definitely My People! I can't wait to decorate this little Samsonite train case.  I just really like the color to begin with, and it's in such good shape that I plan to decoupage it without covering it completely. It's ver

The craft room reveal

Okay, you've listened to me talk about working on this for weeks, and I'm finally finished enough to show you my craft room makeover! First: cover your eyes if you are faint of heart because the "before" photos are rather scary!  Here is what my craft room looked like when t he organizational consultant saw it :  Believe it or not... ...this was already actually a little bit tidied up from its usual chaos. See?  I'd already begun sorting the fabrics. And this was the cluttered closet. TA DA!  Do you see that, down there?  It's the FLOOR! (In the two bins in front of the desk is my stuff waiting to be listed in my Etsy store for my spring sale!  It's been on hold while I've been cleaning.) As you can see, I have Container Store "Elfa" shelving in that room, from a re-do several years ago.  I am so ashamed that, even with those drawers to work with, my ephemera, fabric, trims, buttons, etc., could not be contained! Check out my little sewi

Signs of Spring

A new, and welcome, backyard resident... and a newly graduated, now-high-schooler! I'm proud of my boy Ben, who was the only 8th grader to score 100% on the Geometry final.  He also went (kicking and screaming) to the Dance after his graduation ceremony; he reports that all he did there was eat.  (And, if you'd seen the dresses those 8th grade girls were wearing, you would know I was rather glad to hear it!) In other news, I took my very first foray into burlap.  Above is the "before" of the pillow I made from a vintage linen... is the "after." I kind of like it. It's Memorial Day weekend.  Ben's sleeping in, and after I do some stuff around the house I hope to take him out to a movie to celebrate his first day of summer vacation! We're going to have our good friends over for a cookout tomorrow, as we're expecting weather in the 70's.   I would also like to hit a flea market tomorrow if I have time; that's about it over he