Sunday, May 29, 2011

A return to thrifty finds

WELL, now that I have my craft room reorganized, I have time and space to sort and photograph treasures!  So, here are a few very fun, thrifty finds from my trip to Kansas that I took time to photograph today, just to show you!
 How much do you love these salt and pepper shakers?
Not just the kiwi color, but also the sort of Suessian shape -- and the back is as cute as the front!
 I adore this 1950's kitchen cannister!  Look at that atomic-style star on the lid!
It's a great color blue, and the stylized kitchen implements just make me swoon.
One of the things I absolutely LOVED about going to the Sparks flea market was the camaraderie with other junkers; whenever anyone saw this intact tiny mold set I bought, they gasped and drooled.  They were definitely My People!
I can't wait to decorate this little Samsonite train case.  I just really like the color to begin with, and it's in such good shape that I plan to decoupage it without covering it completely.
It's very clean, and even pleasantly smells like talc, inside; it is missing its little top tray, sadly, but I'm okay with that since it is so pristine!  It was $3 at the flea market.
 As you may know, I collect McCoy pottery of this era...
I especially loved this one for its bird theme, which was, of course, the theme of the weekend.
And this McCoy piece is that beautiful blue that I just love!
I was thrilled to find this purple plate depicting part of George Washington's history; when I visited and adored Mt. Vernon last summer, I saw purple plates like this and didn't buy them, so I've been regretting/searching for them ever since!  This is my first one.
More Americana -- this time,  creamer and sugar for my collection of blue and white transferware.
Again with the bird theme -- this piece of Swedish pottery had to fly home with me!
Finally -- and, sincerely -- what would a junking trip be without antique sewing notions?
Two sweet needle books from the early 1900s.

So many hours of fun and happy memories are represented here! I have so much more to show you...another day!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The craft room reveal

Okay, you've listened to me talk about working on this for weeks, and I'm finally finished enough to show you my craft room makeover!

First: cover your eyes if you are faint of heart because the "before" photos are rather scary!  Here is what my craft room looked like when the organizational consultant saw it:
 Believe it or not...
...this was already actually a little bit tidied up from its usual chaos.

See?  I'd already begun sorting the fabrics.
And this was the cluttered closet.
TA DA!  Do you see that, down there?  It's the FLOOR!
(In the two bins in front of the desk is my stuff waiting to be listed in my Etsy store for my spring sale!  It's been on hold while I've been cleaning.)
As you can see, I have Container Store "Elfa" shelving in that room, from a re-do several years ago.  I am so ashamed that, even with those drawers to work with, my ephemera, fabric, trims, buttons, etc., could not be contained!
Check out my little sewing desk!  The sewing machine now has its own spot.  That little stool in front of it opens up; it's a 1970s version of a storage ottoman!
Here you get a glimpse of my button collection, improperly but beautifully stored in jars, by color and/or type; on the top shelf, a vintage lampshade frame that I'm going to recover now that I learned how from the Birdsong class, as well as "new" fabric (i.e., not vintage) and some of my lovely vintage and antique tins.  I have to keep stuff like the tins and the pretty glass around for inspiration.
Here, in easy to see-through shoeboxes -- lace for crafting, unsorted buttons, vintage jewelry pieces, and buttons on cards
Here's how I store my loose ribbon - by color, in separate plastic bags
 More buttons (front) - these are the few I have properly carded.  The little cow holding pencils is something my mother kept on our kitchen counter all my life.  The Sky Sox clock is a reminder of summer fun with our local minor league baseball team.
 More buttons, sorted by color, for crafting...I love to use separated dishes for sorting buttons!
Yet more buttons...!
 I do plan to cover these fabrics with a sheet when not in use, to keep the dust off of them.
All of these fabrics are vintage, and they do not include the ones in my collection of "keepers"!
This is my inspiration board, made from an old window.
At the side of this desk -- tons of containers.  The two large pink ones on the floor are full, as are the hat boxes.  The rest of them, including the picnic basket and sewing table drawers, are empty.  I can't decide if I should keep them in this room or not.
More inspiration: including two little turtles Ben made when he was in 2nd or 3rd grade, the dancing flower my husband gave me as a gift on the very first day I met him, and my Jane Austen action figure, among other things!
The plain white storage cabinet on the right of this photo is my new photography area, for taking my shop photos using natural light.  I will store all the props and listing junk, as well as the scale, in there so everything is in one place.  Next to it, the shoe tower that I'm using as another inspiration piece...
I piled it with fun stuff I love (and that I had no place else to put!!)
Here's storage for my vintage wallpaper rolls, and a huge jar that I'm filling with plain white buttons.
Three things I love about my desk: the photo of my son and me when he was about 2-1/2, my tag holder...
...and the only view I have of Pikes Peak from inside my house...see, right there, snowcapped, on the lower left...sorry, not the greatest photo!
Here's the closet, with about 3 carloads less stuff in it!  Most of the stuff stored in the drawers and the shelves in the closet are my "for sale" items in my Etsy store.
This is a dress form that I recovered; I am coveting those of you that have standing dress forms!
Now, here's a peek into a few of my craft room drawers:

I still have my newly-sorted ephemera bins to show you, but that will have to be another day as this post has gotten way too long already!

Last but not least: I need to mention that the rest of the clutter from the craft room hasn't quite yet disappeared completely.  I have removed things that need to be put elsewhere or completely gotten rid of, and still have several piles of that to sort through.  

But I am still so happy and proud of what I was able to accomplish in this room -- including putting processes in place, like a bin to store stuff waiting to be listed, and a drawer of unfinished project pieces.  I can hardly wait to do my first project in there!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Signs of Spring

A new, and welcome, backyard resident...
and a newly graduated, now-high-schooler!

I'm proud of my boy Ben, who was the only 8th grader to score 100% on the Geometry final.  He also went (kicking and screaming) to the Dance after his graduation ceremony; he reports that all he did there was eat.  (And, if you'd seen the dresses those 8th grade girls were wearing, you would know I was rather glad to hear it!)

In other news, I took my very first foray into burlap.  Above is the "before" of the pillow I made from a vintage linen... is the "after."
I kind of like it.

It's Memorial Day weekend.  Ben's sleeping in, and after I do some stuff around the house I hope to take him out to a movie to celebrate his first day of summer vacation! We're going to have our good friends over for a cookout tomorrow, as we're expecting weather in the 70's.   I would also like to hit a flea market tomorrow if I have time; that's about it over here.  What are your plans?