Weekend update

I had a pretty nice weekend, since we're not in tornado alley.  My heart goes out to everyone suffering, and worrying about loved ones. 

Ben was on a hiking camp out with Scouts, so Dennis and I had a couple of date nights; I also worked on taking apart broken, vintage books for ephemera journals.  Whew, that is a messy endeavor! I spread a sheet over the guest room bed and went to town with it, though.
I also finished embellishing the kitty pillow.
This weekend, our community had its annual garage sale weekend; there were something like 50 garage sales, so I went out with my buddy Rebecca and her daughter on Saturday morning.  It was a bust.  I managed to find just a couple of treasures, like the hankie above...
 and this lovely Alice in Wonderland book.
 I'd never seen this version of the book.
 I love the sketches, which are pressed into the pages...
and the pretty, glossy color plates.
Here's a pretty, old McCoy vase that I found at a thrift store last week; it's a birdbath that is missing its bird!  For that reason, it was very cheap.  I think I kind find a bird or two to decorate it, don't you?
Would you believe I've still not unpacked all my goodies from Birdsong?  (I've been waiting to have my craft room in order so I can put everything where it belongs.)  But, yesterday I re-discovered the little bird nest brooch Karla made for each of us.  Isn't it sweet?
Speaking of re-discovering, I "found" this beautiful set of 12 linen napkins while going through fabrics in the craft room clean up!
I think I got them last summer; they came complete with this little booklet that tells how to wash and "pamper" them.  I can't wait to have another dinner party!

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for your well wishes, Laurie.
Beth Leintz said…
I don't think I've ever seen that version of Alice- what beautiful illustrations and the fonts-and I love the kitty pillow- makes me want to start some stitching.

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