A return to thrifty finds

WELL, now that I have my craft room reorganized, I have time and space to sort and photograph treasures!  So, here are a few very fun, thrifty finds from my trip to Kansas that I took time to photograph today, just to show you!
 How much do you love these salt and pepper shakers?
Not just the kiwi color, but also the sort of Suessian shape -- and the back is as cute as the front!
 I adore this 1950's kitchen cannister!  Look at that atomic-style star on the lid!
It's a great color blue, and the stylized kitchen implements just make me swoon.
One of the things I absolutely LOVED about going to the Sparks flea market was the camaraderie with other junkers; whenever anyone saw this intact tiny mold set I bought, they gasped and drooled.  They were definitely My People!
I can't wait to decorate this little Samsonite train case.  I just really like the color to begin with, and it's in such good shape that I plan to decoupage it without covering it completely.
It's very clean, and even pleasantly smells like talc, inside; it is missing its little top tray, sadly, but I'm okay with that since it is so pristine!  It was $3 at the flea market.
 As you may know, I collect McCoy pottery of this era...
I especially loved this one for its bird theme, which was, of course, the theme of the weekend.
And this McCoy piece is that beautiful blue that I just love!
I was thrilled to find this purple plate depicting part of George Washington's history; when I visited and adored Mt. Vernon last summer, I saw purple plates like this and didn't buy them, so I've been regretting/searching for them ever since!  This is my first one.
More Americana -- this time,  creamer and sugar for my collection of blue and white transferware.
Again with the bird theme -- this piece of Swedish pottery had to fly home with me!
Finally -- and, sincerely -- what would a junking trip be without antique sewing notions?
Two sweet needle books from the early 1900s.

So many hours of fun and happy memories are represented here! I have so much more to show you...another day!

Meanwhile: visit the other treasure-hunters playing along here:

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Michelle said…
I really love the salt & pepper set. They're great! I've never seen any like them before. Love the color green, too. But I have to say my favorite treasure here, is the little pottery bird. He is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
sassypackrat said…
You always find the great things!
Suz said…
What incredible things! There is no question that I am part of your tribe. I am drooling over so many things...like the intact mold set. Wow! And that last bird and the bird cup (I am still wishing I was there).
We are in San Francisco for a wedding. Great time but I have an awful cold. We leave in the morning. I hope my ears make it!!!!
Thanks for sharing such wonderful treats!
Big hugs,
karlyn Jackson said…
I love your salt and pepper shakers, the colour and all.
Beth Leintz said…
Oh, isn't Sparks fun? I love how you describe the salt & pepper as Suessian- that's the perfect word.
SixBalloons said…
Oooh yes. The molds are so great, are you going to use them for little chocolate treats?
nadine paduart said…
i got to love your finds. such variety! like going to the thrift story, lady! ;)
Hope said…
I love all your finds. I am just getting all the lace I got at Sparks unpacked. It is gorgeous! I bet your train case didn't have a tray....so even better it is complete!
Sharon said…
Laurie, you lucked out in Kansas!!
Love the old needle case. I love to collect old sewing stuff. You gave me an idea to take pictures of my collection and post to my blog. I will add that to 100 other things I need to do!!! hahahaha
custardino said…
Love those little green houses, and your atomic tin is just gorgeous!
Heidi Ann said…
Oh, my gosh - those salt and pepper cottages are the cutest thing EVER! I've never seen another pair like them!
Beccalina said…
McCoy....*sigh*...I love McCoy! The name of your blog is perfect.
Great finds.
Anonymous said…
Cute, cute, cute stuff. Describing the s&p shakers as Suessian is brilliant! They truly do look like something that popped right off the page of one of his books.

I also like the purple historical plate. I will have to keep my eyes open for these.
After looking through everyones finds this week on Apron Thrift Girl, I have to say you have my favourite item.

Those salt & pepper shakers absolutely ROCK. Amazing find!
Kylie said…
all lovely, but I adore the atomic cannister x
Madison said…
Absolutely adorable salt and pepper shakers. I also love the little molds. What a great find. Have you made anything with them yet?

Madison xxx
What a fab find --- your blog, that is. The shakers are too cute and the graphics on the canister make me smile and feel all... 50s-ish! So glad I followed a link and now am following you. Come say hello sometime!
You did find some goodies here! I love the "Suesian" shakers. Cute name for them.
Love those shakers--they remind me of a little house my daughter had when she was small. Good finds! Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment on my blog :-)I'm your newest follower!
Vintage Scapes said…
I'm really loving the atomic tin, so fun and playful! Can't wait to see what you do with the samsonite!

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