Beautiful Birdsong projects, part one

I cannot even express how incredibly inspired I felt being at Karla's while attending Birdsong!
 We were greeted with Karla's home baked breakfast and coffee, served in her beautiful kitchen.

Then we could relax and get to know each other a little bit...
Lisa Stanton, Carol Spinski, and Rachel Velder in Karla's kitchn
Or just wander around her lovely home.
a kitchen vignette
in the dining room
is this light switch plate not to die for?!

When it was time for the classes to start, we gathered in the wonderful studio.
I was already excited about each of the projects that we were all going to do together, and then that excitement was heightened by the atmosphere of creativity.  See how Suzanne is just gazing at something beautiful?
...this is what she saw.  The beauty all around us just stirred your creativity.

I couldn't wait to get my hands in all the beautiful supplies and start creating!
Our first class was the feather tree, taught by the wonderful Carol Spinski;to borrow Karla's words, "Carol is an artist, an antique dealer, an RN, a wife and mother, and co-owner of Raised in Cotton, a shop featuring refreshed vintage-style goods in a century farmhouse in Raymore, Missouri."

She is also a gifted teacher!
Together, we made a fun feathered tree from crepe paper in a wonderful shade of gray with blue tones.  I combined mine with white crepe paper.
We each brought a vessel to use as the base of the tree; I found this cream ware vase in an antique store we'd stopped at in Alma, Kansas.  It was $1!
We filled the vase with lavender -- so, it smelled beautiful, too!
When we'd finished our trees, Carol showed us how to make some different kinds of flowers and even a feather wreath!
I loved the technique and I will be making a lot more of these.  Crepe paper is so much fun to work with!
This is one that Carol had on display, and you can see even more on her blog.

Tomorrow, I'll show you more projects we made in our classes!


LuLu Kellogg said…
You lucky girl! I can't wait to read your other post to see the projects!

I made a quickie wreath, but haven't had a chance to make a tree yet. I really want to, its such a fun idea!

Thanks for noticing all the little details around the house. Most of them are tiny things that I enjoy, but mostly they don't show up much in pictures of the room.

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