Signs of Spring

A new, and welcome, backyard resident...
and a newly graduated, now-high-schooler!

I'm proud of my boy Ben, who was the only 8th grader to score 100% on the Geometry final.  He also went (kicking and screaming) to the Dance after his graduation ceremony; he reports that all he did there was eat.  (And, if you'd seen the dresses those 8th grade girls were wearing, you would know I was rather glad to hear it!)

In other news, I took my very first foray into burlap.  Above is the "before" of the pillow I made from a vintage linen... is the "after."
I kind of like it.

It's Memorial Day weekend.  Ben's sleeping in, and after I do some stuff around the house I hope to take him out to a movie to celebrate his first day of summer vacation! We're going to have our good friends over for a cookout tomorrow, as we're expecting weather in the 70's.   I would also like to hit a flea market tomorrow if I have time; that's about it over here.  What are your plans?


Congrats to your son! VERY impressive.

Hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend, and that you find fun things at the flea market!
Angela said…
Congratulations to Ben! David loves Math, too! :o)
Love the new pillow! :o)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to Ben! What an impressive accomplishment. I hope you and your family have a lovely holiday weekend.
Linda E. Pruitt said…
Great job Ben! What am I doing for Memorial day? Well, went to the farmer's market this morning with my youngest daughter and her two boys. This evening I am babysitting three of my other grands while my children party with one of my daughter's who is turning forty! Then tomorrow, is a granduation party for my oldest grand who is graduating cum laude from College! Great job Colleen! On Monday, maybe I will get some crafting done!

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