Memories of Birdsong

Dear friends, I have missed posting while away at Birdsong at Karla's Cottage!  We arrived home last night and I have just downloaded all my photos and begun re-living the the weekend!
 The joy of being at Karla's Cottage...
 ...of making wonderful new friends!
Having adventures with Suzanne...
all along the way!
The bliss of learning from talented women... willing to share their knowledge!
Enjoying Karla's hospitality...
...and basking in the the atmosphere of beauty,
...and inspiration, 
 ...and encouragement,
  that was Birdsong!
I'm so happy to call Karla my friend!
I can't wait to show you all my photos -- especially the wonderful projects we made in the four classes!


Thanks, Buddy! I loved the whole weekend, having people like you there made it all so special.
Sherry Williams said…
Sweet Laurie, it was such a pleasure meeting you! You have the sweetest smile. I can't wait until Karla has another event so we can all be together again, laughing, creating, enjoying good food & just being in the beautiful atmosphere!

love, Sherry
How wonderful! I am not sure what Birdsong is - will read back a little further - but it looks like you had an incredible time. Lucky you!
Sharon Morrison said…
Loved meeting you and creating with you. I will be following your blog to keep in touch. When Karla has another weekend...I will be there!!
Sounds wonderful, Laurie! What a great time and new friends!
Lisa said…
It was so great to meet you this past weekend! You are so sweet and so talented and I sure hope we all get to do another weekend at Karla's. Love your pictures and can't wait to see more!
Hugs my sweet friend!
Angela said…
You have such a great smile! Looks like you had lots of fun - can't wait to see more pics!
Laurie, I had sooo much fun with you!!!! Your blog post is great...can't wait to see more. (the pic of you & Suzanne through the depression glass is wayyy cool) And "basking" was certainly the right word for it. Basking in all the beauty, talent, kinship & was almost sensory overload!
Unknown said…
So glad I got to spend time with you this past weekend, Laurie. You and Suzanne are such sweet ladies!
Beth Leintz said…
What a great post- you caught all the pretty, the laughing, the friendships, the creating- wasn't it a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Oh Laurie, what a wonderful time you had. I feel as if I can experience the joy and friendship shared through these beautiful photos!
Suz said…
It looks wonderful! i looks just like I thought it would be. I will make it time, I hope!
Hope said…
I has such a wonderful time. Meeting all the new friends and making really awesome projects! Thanks for hosting the matchbox swap!
Tammy said…
Looks like you had so much fun! I especially like the photo of you and Suzanne at the antique shop with the vaseline glass all lit up with a black light. I have just one small treasured vaseline glass vase.

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