Feathered Nests

I hostessed the Feathered Nest matchbox swap at Birdsong; we had 14 girls swapping one-to-one.
This is the matchbox I made for my swap partner, Kana Conger!
Here's Kana holding her box -- she's such a lovely young lady!
I filled Kana's box with some fun, sweet things; I especially liked the souvenir vintage Colorado hankie, the tiny bird tin mold...
a pretty French perfume label, small vintage papers...
a sweet piece of French shelf lace...
 tiny greeting card book...
antique calling card...
and, my favorite of all: a porcelain hand painted button I sent away for, from England.  It thankfully arrived just in time to be included in the box -- whew!
We opened the swaps on the first evening, as we were sipping wine in Karla's garden.  Kana presented mine to me in this beautifully-decorated gift bag:
 The box itself was so lovely, with a fabric square and vintage lace and tatting
 It always amazes me how much you can fit into the box -- look at all of these treasures!
 The inside bottom of the box was lovely, too.
I adore all of the goodies Kana put in the box; thank you so much for everything!

Karla had some wonderful artists and vendors who sponsored the weekend; you can imagine how delighted we were to receive this beautiful bag, handmade by Karla and Beth, full to the brim with gifts!
Mine is decorated with burlap, a bird print, and one of Karla's vintage flowers; it is tea dyed and be-ribboned!
Here are all the amazing gifts that were included in the bag!  There are soaps, embellishments, supplies...it is a treasure trove of beautiful things!
A closer look: the tiny nest in front is from Hope Ellington; the bag of nest supplies is from Sandy Babb, and the soaps are from Dawn.
It is all fabulous!
But, in addition to all of that, some of the other gals brought along gifts for everyone, too!  Their generosity was awe-inspiring!  Just take a look:
Linda handed us this bag, and I actually almost weeped when I saw what was inside:
Can you believe she decorated a gift for each of us, and it included this wonderful little dangly charm...
of a bird's nest?  I love it like crazy!
Marie gave everyone a gift wrapped up in a peat pot;
little did we know there was an amazing necklace she made inside!
 Mine says "Cherish" and once I put it on, it stayed on for days!  I adore it!

Cami gave us a beautiful beeswaxed tag...
 Kana gave us this pretty embellishment with a beautiful charm
 Sandy gave us a CD cover with a bird theme
which cleverly opened to reveal a notepad and pen!
My own gift to the group was a tag I embellished and attached vintage buttons to!
 It had a cute page from a children's dictionary defining a wren.
I love to share my beautiful buttons!
Yes, I know, we were spoiled!


Gabriela said…
What a beautiful post! So many beautiful things, each so special! I love your blog!
Tammy said…
Wow! Now I really wish I could have been there! All the amazing treats make me want to hit the antique stores. Glad you had such an amazing time!
Angela said…
Amazing gifts...my very favorite is the matchbox cover you made.
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
wow u ladies had a great time. next time ur in town give me a jingle. i only live about 40 min from karla
Unknown said…
I love the vintage button tags you made! I am completely smitten by the cherish necklace too! xxoo Heidi
Angela said…
You ladies are SO talented! I can see why you had such a good time! Thanks for sharing the pics with us! :o)
Hope said…
Oh Laurie~
Thanks so much for posting all the fun we had! You are doing a wonderful job documenting. It was such a great weekend.
kana said…

I soooo love my pretty box and all of the contents!! The button is my favorite also. I am glad that you like all of your goodies.
Beth Leintz said…
I'm still just amazed by how many wonderful gifts we had even before the classes started- so much generosity.
Linda E. Pruitt said…
Looks like y'all had a wonderful time!
Suz said…
I knew it would be like this...I just knew it. Everything is so beautiful. I saw those gift bags filling up and Karla's site and drooled. Then I saw the swaps. Then I saw people who were coming. Amazing, Just amazing. I hope the next one is soon!
Micki said…
What lovely items!
I adore vintage things!
Oh wow! such wonderful treasures! drooling!

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