Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Easter Banner - Free Download!

I had so much fun putting together an Easter banner; I made it almost exclusively from vintage Easter greeting cards I found in a thrift store grab bag.
The other day I put together the panels of the banner...
and then I didn't do anything else with it, because I have had a cold and when I get home from work I just have to rest -- no time for creating, darn it!
But today I took a day off and stayed home sick.  Doing so *really* hurts when you are a temporary employee and have no sick time, but sometimes you just have to take care of YOU.
After resting all morning, I got up the energy to finish the banner!  Didn't it turn out so sweet?
I had posted a couple of photos of the pieces on Facebook when I started it, and a lot of my creative friends asked to see it finished.  So I decided to scan each panel and post them here.  That way, you can have a banner of your own: just right click on the photo to open it to full size, save it to your computer, and print each panel out onto cardstock paper.  (You can get cardstock at Wal-Mart in the office supply section, with the regular printer paper.)  Cut out each panel, punch the holes (which you can see if you look closely at the top of each panel) and string on ribbon.  I used some satin cording, and tied it in simple knots.
This first one is a kitten greeting card from around 1930; there are "new" flowers as well as a vintage bunch of violets sticker, and a vintage pink crocheted flower.
This egg uses a very old doily in the background, and the middle of another card of the same era, with little bunnies cut out from inside the card placed around it.  There's a green egg that I made from craft supplies from a friend -- with rickrack and that daisy! -- and part of a card of pink buttons.
 Another vintage Easter card, this time in brights, with some ribbon insert lace and a new purple flower with a vintage knotted satin rose in the middle.
Sweet card, vintage doilies, buttons and a handmade felt flower embellishment gifted from a crafty friend!
I love this little prancing lamb!  Beneath him are vintage occasional stickers, and a large paper flower I've decorated with piece of a vintage doily.
This chick among the tulips hardly needed any embellishment -- but I did put a doily beneath her, another vintage ribbon rose, and some newer flowers on the side.

I hope you love it as much as I loved making it!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Vera Neumann in Spring

Continuing my love affair with Vera Neumann...I can never leave a thrift store or estate sale without checking through the scarves for a vintage Vera.  Sometimes I can spot one from across the room!  Here are my newest textile treasures:
Cobalt blue and brown swirls...
with the iconic ladybug signature
funky floral
 from the same era
I love it when I find one like this that I already have; that way, I can sell it and still keep one to wear and enjoy!

A mod, abstract Vera I've never seen before!  It almost looks like a stylized bunch of grapes.
Spring is playing hide and seek with us here in Colorado -- as usual.  How about in your neck of the woods?