Sunday, April 9, 2017

Vera Neumann in Spring

Continuing my love affair with Vera Neumann...I can never leave a thrift store or estate sale without checking through the scarves for a vintage Vera.  Sometimes I can spot one from across the room!  Here are my newest textile treasures:
Cobalt blue and brown swirls...
with the iconic ladybug signature
funky floral
 from the same era
I love it when I find one like this that I already have; that way, I can sell it and still keep one to wear and enjoy!

A mod, abstract Vera I've never seen before!  It almost looks like a stylized bunch of grapes.
Spring is playing hide and seek with us here in Colorado -- as usual.  How about in your neck of the woods?


Sami said...

Beautiful scarves you've found in thrift stores, I can't believe anyone would give them away!
I never seem to find anything I like clothes wise in thrift shops.

Kelli Davidson said...

It's hot as a pistol here and has been for weeks! Love those scarves and I look for them now too - but haven't found any yet!