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Good stuff

My friend Kathy got together with two of her buddies and "staged" a 100+ year old house that's for sale on The Old North End in Colorado Springs with antiques for sale!  They were on hand during the open house and sold lots of their great stuff!  They have the best stuff. I had to have this small child's vintage bathrobe... made from a quilt.   Sweetness! I also grabbed this batter bowl; it's milk glass, painted red, and has an iron handle: I managed to squeeze in a bit of thrifting on my weekend away last week: Such a pretty little egg cup... Royal Doulton!  I love that lion backstamp.  And see how crackled it is?  I LOVE crackle. I picked up this canvas, made of burlap with a painted/stenciled design, for $1.99.  It's from Hobby Lobby or the like, a $30 item. It's cute enough as it is but I'm planning to repurpose it. Have you ever seen one of these?  It's a doily that is decorated with little swans all along the edges

Pumpkin time!

I've finished a project I started last week: I turned these scraps into a pumpkin! I think it turned out so cute! I wrapped a piece from a grapevine wreath for the stem; the vines are some wire I had leftover from one of Karla's classes! I just love all the textures and I plan to make some more before the mood passes. Two posts in one week: I'm on a roll!  Three more until I hit 1,000!

My week in pictures

I did a little bit of Halloween decorating, after all I listed some FABULOUS stuff at work We had our first snow in Colorado I got a few PINK highlights in anticipation of Friday's concert... and then found out on Wednesday night the concert was POSTPONED because Pink needs to rest her voice. And I won't be able to make it to the rescheduled show. Yes , I will get a refund. My buddy and I managed to have a fun night out, anyway, though. Thanks Rebecca! And we even went antique-ing the next day! Guess what I bought? (Hint:  read about it on Button Floozies .) How was your week?

Scary Santa

Who needs Halloween when Christmas is coming and you have this scary Santa? In true auction-spirit, I paid too much for this Rushton Santa from than I EVER would have at a regular Goodwill!  I had to have him.  Does he not just scream vintage Christmas?! At 99 cents, these Shiny Brites I picked up from a different thrift store Saturday were much more my speed.  Gosh, it was just like the good old days: I was having such a great time finding treasures and filling up my cart.   I lived the dream for a while and then I put most of it back since I'm not selling vintage anymore.   I left behind a pair of FABULOUS Arthur Woods ceramic candle holders from the 1960s, a perfect pink footed Hull planter, and a blue early Pfalzgraff flower pot exactly like this one .  I'm still dying to go back and get those candle holders.   I can't find a photo of them anywhere online to show you so what does that tell you? Here's what I kept: this sweet bird whic

Nearing 1,000

Even though I've been quieter than usual around here lately, I'm full of ideas.  Did you know I've written almost 1,000 posts on this blog?  I'm planning something special for number 1,000. I wanted to show you these fabulous earrings made by Betsy ; I have been wanting to own some of her little bird earrings for a long time!  These are made with grey mother of pearl buttons as the base (swoon!)  Isn't it fun how she used a sea shell as the mount? She makes some wonderful jewelry from mostly antique pieces (you know how much I love that!)  I have been dying for some of her watch face earrings, too, and so I treated myself: Isn't her packaging beautiful?   And look at the pretty glass and sparkle BUTTONS she included because she knows me so well!   Can you see the narrow little watch faces on that second pair of earrings?  Love! I also made a purchase from one of my favorite eBay shops, ipullgardenweeds , run by my buddy Linda.  Above are all the f