Pumpkin time!

I've finished a project I started last week:
I turned these scraps into a pumpkin!
I think it turned out so cute!
I wrapped a piece from a grapevine wreath for the stem; the vines are some wire I had leftover from one of Karla's classes!
I just love all the textures and I plan to make some more before the mood passes.
Two posts in one week: I'm on a roll!  Three more until I hit 1,000!


Kelli Davidson said…
Oh my goodness! This is brilliant!
From scraps to such an adorable pumpkin...well done!
That is a darling little pumpkin!
Diana Seal said…
To adorable, great job, I might have to make some for myself!
Have a great week!
Kathy said…
Wowza, a thousand posts, that is an amazing milestone!
Abby / Linda said…
Beautiful! I love these! I also love that they are in neutral colors! Gorgeous!!

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