My week in pictures

I did a little bit of Halloween decorating, after all
I listed some FABULOUS stuff at work
We had our first snow in Colorado
I got a few PINK highlights in anticipation of Friday's concert...
and then found out on Wednesday night the concert was POSTPONED
because Pink needs to rest her voice.

And I won't be able to make it to the rescheduled show.
Yes, I will get a refund.
My buddy and I managed to have a fun night out, anyway, though.
Thanks Rebecca!
And we even went antique-ing the next day!
Guess what I bought? (Hint: read about it on Button Floozies.)
How was your week?


Tammy said…
That stinks about the Pink concert! On the plus side, love the Halloween display!
Kelli Davidson said…
Oh NO! I know you were really looking forward to that concert. Bummer.
JoJo said…
I'm so sorry Pink had to reschedule! That happened to me once with Crosby Stills Nash & Young. They rescheduled for a day/time that I just couldn't do. Pissed me off. My week was good! Went by fast and the time I had with my trucker fiance' went even faster.
Kathy said…
Looks like a fun and FULL week all the same. A barrel of buttons = a barrel of fun, hehe!
Marrianna said…
Did you see that the trunk of WWII stuff is up to $304.99? Wow? It is beautiful. Glad I'm tapped out on money. What I DON'T need is more vintage stuff. But what fun you must have photographing and listing the fantastic items for auction. So sorry about the PINK concert.
Maggie said…
Laurie, what a BUMMER!! I'm glad you turned your pity party into a fun weekend with your pal. And your Halloween decorations are fun!
Oh No! I LOVE PINK! So sorry you had to miss out but looks like you had a good time anyways. My son is enjoying the weather right now in Colorado and the bit of snow he has seen so far. He and some friends went to Breckenridge over the weekend and he said it was very nice. I'm glad he is able to explore a bit. Have a wonderful week. Tammy
Sounds like a great week, except for a lack of Pink! Glad you were able to enjoy yourself anyway.

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