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Amid May

Precious time is flying away, here we are almost at mid-May!  Lots of happenings: Ben has graduated from college and is getting ready to move once more to a new apartment (his fifth move in as many years!) This graduation was more enjoyable for me than his high school graduation, but less comfortable as it was out in the blaring hot sun!  We were all happy when it was over, and had sunburns to go with our smiles! Dennis and I spent a couple of days in Ben's college town and had a few meals and visits with him, which were a delight!  The campus is very pretty. Above, I'm making fun of his stiff photo stance .  Just teasing him -- he gave us lots of "real" smiles during this visit. In other news... My friend Wendy and I have gone in together on a booth in a section of an antique store called, Citywide Garage Sale; we are sharing a table to sell off odds-and-ends, random antiques and vintage stuff we've collected that doesn't really go on