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Jumping the Gun...

I know it's not quite July yet, but, I am getting so busy that I decided to go ahead and start my Christmas in July Sale, now! New items being added for the next week or so!  Please share with your vintage Christmas loving friends!   Indulge Your Shelf .

Mechanical Santa

Please pay no attention -- I'm putting this mechanical Santa video on my blog so that I can link to it in my Etsy listing !

June comings and goings

Thank you for all the nice comments and likes on my Jane Austen Fabric Journal! As you can see, Paul Simon gave me a lot of "help" when I was finishing it up. Job Update: Dennis flew to NC for a job interview last week and we're waiting for an offer to come from them this week (the job would be in CO.)  It's not a sure thing as he's competing with three others for the job -- so we're holding out breath. I interviewed for a local firm last Thursday, and should hear "early next week"; it would be a temp to hire job.  The "thanks but no thanks" emails keep flowing in from jobs I've applied to online.  I've been out of work for a month now. Waiting, waiting, waiting. But, it is FINALLY summer in Southern Colorado.  We've been enjoying some beautiful days!  Before, during and after job hunting I am sometimes able to get Dennis to go out to enjoy our lovely area. Hiking at Bear Creek, above, and a Dairy Queen/th

My Jane Austen Fabric Journal

I finished my Jane Austen fabric journal!  I have loved just about every minute of this project -- and am happy with the results.  As you can see, this particular book has the theme of her novel Emma . So happy, in fact, I made you a video of it!  When he was home last month, Ben encouraged me to begin videotaping my projects, including how-tos, and this was my very first attempt at it!  And, while it's not the most impressive video, as I'm still learning,  I hope you still enjoy it!

Sale time at Indulge Your Shelf!

I spent some time yesterday marking down many of the items in my shop !  Here's a sample of what is now at a new, lower price:   Cherub   Wall Hooks   cafe curtains   Paris print belt Please share with your friends who love vintage! I also made two "be well" banners for my shop, after people who saw the one I made for my friend who recently had surgery encouraged me to make some to sell! banner These are introductory-priced at $19.     This is the 2nd banner I have for sale (above) I am planning to post again this week with more updates. Nothing as yet on our dismal unemployment situation. Thank you for the well-wishes and prayers; we are trying very hard to keep positive!