Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sale time at Indulge Your Shelf!

I spent some time yesterday marking down many of the items in my shop!  Here's a sample of what is now at a new, lower price:
Please share with your friends who love vintage!

I also made two "be well" banners for my shop, after people who saw the one I made for my friend who recently had surgery encouraged me to make some to sell!
These are introductory-priced at $19.  

I am planning to post again this week with more updates.
Nothing as yet on our dismal unemployment situation.
Thank you for the well-wishes and prayers; we are trying very hard to keep positive!


Kelli Davidson said...

You are so talented! I completely love the angel I bought from you a few month back............I'm headed over to you store now to see what else I can find!

Kelli Davidson said...
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Kelli Davidson said...

Okay - Let me try this and please understand I'm not trying to tell you what to do but those piggy banks -- Lion and Hippo - Put Holiday Fair Piggy Bank at the first of your titles for those and you should get much more traffic. I'm a collector and that's how I look for them.........I just happen to have those two or I would buy them!