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I Am Here

Have you heard Pink's song, I Am Here ?  I love everything she does, but this song is really meaningful to me and it really fits my mood lately.  Where does everybody go when they go? Well, I was here all of September and October, but in November I went to SF to see my family.  The trip was a quick decision I made a few weeks ago -- I was tired of saying, "I should go" and just found a date that worked and got some tickets.  Sometimes you just have to listen to your heart.  My husband and son were on the fence about it, but they made time to go with me and I think they're really glad they did. We spent some time remembering the ones we have loved and lost.  They are in a lovely final resting place. We drove to the wine country, got lost in its beauty, and had a great meal in Sonoma. A really wonderful evening on a patio -- it was cold in Colorado, but in the 80's in California.  Happy sigh. My new favorite wine. We visited my father's yo