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Share about the auction!

We're having fun at the auction! GIFT CARD NEEDS A HOME!!!! YOUR CHOICE MICHAELS OR HOBBY LOBBY Share this group's link on your Facebook timeline, Facebook Business page, Group you are in that allows sharing of other groups, your Instagram page, your Twitter account, your Pinterest page or any other social media share. Let us know by your comment and all the places where you shared. The more you share, the more chances! Here's the link: This drawing will take place Sunday at 6pm.

Thoughts on a Sizzling Summer Flying By

Like a lot of the country, temperatures in my part of Colorado are soaring!  Is your summer flying by like mine is?  Don't you wish it wouldn't?  Look at this dandelion in my front yard -- those are full-sized daisies next to it!  I guess that gives me a lot of wishes!  I love this photo of Art, asleep on the landing with his paws holding one of the banister rails.  I wish I could sleep like that!  I picked some of our raspberries.  They are tiny but they taste great; I've been putting them in my smoothies.  This may be the only harvest I get from our bushes, as it is the bird party place in the neighborhood! I finally got some geraniums potted on the porch.  I love them so much and they're so easy!  I decided to hold off on "Christmas in July" -- for me, it will be "Christmas in September".  But -- get a load of this vintage, kitschmas creation I bought at an estate sale last week!  It has been SO popular on the Merry Kitschmas