Thoughts on a Sizzling Summer Flying By

Like a lot of the country, temperatures in my part of Colorado are soaring!
 Is your summer flying by like mine is?  Don't you wish it wouldn't?  Look at this dandelion in my front yard -- those are full-sized daisies next to it!  I guess that gives me a lot of wishes!
 I love this photo of Art, asleep on the landing with his paws holding one of the banister rails.  I wish I could sleep like that!
 I picked some of our raspberries.  They are tiny but they taste great; I've been putting them in my smoothies.  This may be the only harvest I get from our bushes, as it is the bird party place in the neighborhood!
I finally got some geraniums potted on the porch.  I love them so much and they're so easy!
 I decided to hold off on "Christmas in July" -- for me, it will be "Christmas in September".  But -- get a load of this vintage, kitschmas creation I bought at an estate sale last week!  It has been SO popular on the Merry Kitschmas group page!  I showed it there five days ago and it has, so far, 207 likes.
Some of my most favorite of the comments:
  That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.
Shut up right now with that adorableness!!!!!
I feel like this is the most commented on post on this page. It IS the kitschiest kitsch of all! #winning
Plus -- it's inspired a bunch of group members to create one of their own!  They're busy discussing how to build it, and are promising to post photos on the page when finished.  I am just loving the group enjoyment -- I have DEFINITELY found my tribe over there!
How was your 4th of July?  Our was great -- Ben came home just for the day, and we had a delicious cookout, plus got to craft these "flags" after dinner!

It was so much fun!  Most everything we used was vintage, and we made a big, crafty mess, but it was wonderful!

 I'm trying new stuff in my store; did I already tell you I've written a tutorial on how to make these vintage doily dreamcatchers?  I am planning to make up some kits to sell with it, and may even sell the tutorial separately, too.  They should be hitting my shop any day now!
 And, I just gave my store a new look!
Plus, I re-worked my pricing and decided to ship EVERYthing free; it means my profit is lower, but I hope it will draw traffic to the shop!
If you haven't already -- please tell all your vintage-loving friends!
I have been spending soooo much time on the computer lately; it's the only downfall of this type of selling.  It's hard to stay inside when the weather's so inviting, isn't it?
Art says, Have a great weekend!
(Paul's more of an introvert -- but, he wishes you a great weekend, too!)


Marrianna said…
How fun is that Kitchmas wall hanging. Of course I had to go to Facebook to try to join the group. The visuals are probably memorable.

Good luck with the Etsy tutorial. I’ve seen other courses offered on Etsy.

I think the free shipping is also an excellent ide. Everybody knows the s/h has been factored into the price, however, the shopper knows up front what the total cost is going to be. Smart move.

And how did you get Ben in on the crafting experience. Love that photo of him.
Lorraine said…
That kitschy tree is so cool. I can't imagine finding all those little characters to fill it in. Love those flags and dreamcatchers. Great ideas!

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