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My Fabric Pumpkin Patch

 I've had a tradition for many years now of creating stuffed fabric pumpkins for Fall.  I usually start out intending to make a couple and then go a little crazy. I create almost exclusively from vintage materials, and most of these pumpkins reflect that.  My most favorite pumpkins are the ones I made from this crazy, flower power 1960s/70s fabric I found recently: Next favorite are the ones I made by piecing different vintage fabrics together, like this: I topped this one with a doily, snippets of lace fabric and a very old bloom from a corsage.  The pale floral fabric just under the longer piece of lace fabric is something I salvaged from a dress dated in the 1880s. I have to say that combining the reds, pinks and greens makes it my very favorite. Here's more of that same fabric in another pumpkin; this time I tied a piece of crochet lace around the stem... and decorated the front lavishly with colored seam binding that was a gift from a swap partner!  I love how she threaded

Estate sale ephemera

My visits to estate sales are few and far between since social distancing, but I visited one last week at a quiet time of the day so I was able to dawdle there.  The sale was in a 100 year old house -- just adorable.  The family's taste was even kitschier than mine.  I could have bought a lot, but I just picked up a few things.  Among them: paper ephemera. I love old Hallmark items!  These will be so much fun in the Spring -- something to look forward to! I can't pass up an old Santa priced right.  And look at that squirrel occasional sticker! I'm really into sheep right now.  The bunny and the boy -- how precious!  I love his outfit.  This is an advertisement for a new development in Terre Haute -- look at the prices!  It just makes me think of George Bailey's Building and Loan! More interesting ephemera that I had to have.  Valentine in great condition, an Icelandic service card, and a wine label from Germany. This is either British or perhaps Canadian-made booklet of