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Junking in Fort Collins, Colorado

Happy Labor Day weekend! It wouldn't feel like a holiday weekend for me at all since I work "retail" and don't have Monday off...except that we planned a trip to visit the campus at Colorado State University Fort Collins on Friday and I took a day off  for that -- so I got a 3 day weekend anyway!  Funny, I didn't even plan it that way, but it's nice when something in life works out, isn't it? It was a nice way to spend a free Friday, with my family, thinking about the future. We went up mid morning, though the campus tour wasn't until 2 pm, because I have never been to Fort Collins and wanted to look around a bit. My friend Suzanne lives nearby and she suggested this antique mall, which was just about the perfect size for the little bit of time I was able to try my husband and son's patience  allot to shopping! It was fun to look around even though I didn't end up buying a single thing!  It's beginning to look like autu

At rainbow's end

I thought you'd like this pretty picture of a rainbow I saw on my way home from work the other day.  I've been loving our summer weather this month and find myself wishing it will last. I could use your help with something: this small storage stool I've had for a few years now. As you can see, I brought it home from the thrift store and have done nothing with it, yet. Here's the inside; it is paper lined.   And the top.  It's vinyl. I'm thinking a fabric cover, maybe with a ruffle on the bottom portion, painted legs, and of course new pretty paper on the inside. I'm still not sure what I'm going to store inside of it, and that might be why I'm stumped as to a color/theme. What would you do with it?  I'd love to hear your ideas. Don't forget: there's still a week to enter to win a jewelry shopping spree from BonnieAngela !  Enter on this post.

Estate sale finds

It's been a little while since I showed you my latest thrifty finds, hasn't it? These are all estate sale finds from a few weeks ago. I can count the estate sales I've been to this summer on one hand -- but this was a very good one! These shoe stretchers were just 50 cents/bunch and I love the colors!  When I was paying for them the lady asked me what I was planning to do with them. Do with them?  I think they just look pretty in a pile! I told her I do a lot of paper art and that I thought they'd make cute "hangers" for that; I auditioned it above -- can you see tying paper collage pages on the hanger?  Maybe? What do you use them for? I also found this adorable flower ring with two birds on top. They are so sweet!  I really LOVE this tablecloth -- it's one my my favorite  combinations, with large crochet lace...  sewn on to linen. I need to wash it and then I'll photograph it on my dining room table for you. Smal