Me with a funny vintage hat at work.
You can tell I got a big kick out of it!
It's listed here.
I've heard that some people feel very annoyed by "selfies"...
I'm sorry to hear that!
I obviously don't feel that way!
Here's one I snapped at the antique mall the other day.
And here's one from when an old friend, Karen, visited me last week!
She was in Denver on business and came over for dinner -- 'hadn't seen her for more than 10 years.
But of course it felt like we'd been together yesterday.
So, it's August and Ben's back to school after his summer of fun and adventure.  It is his senior year.
It will be quite a year.
 I wish I could say I'd had a fabulous summer, but it was less than that.
My whole new-and better/healthier-diet plan flew out the window just as I started it, last month!
Within hours, and I do mean hours, of stocking my refrigerator with whole foods, my serious GI issues returned; so, the rest of the month was all about antibiotics and bland foods, and pain and rest.
This month will be all about tests, scans, doctor appointments and an almost-liquid diet.
Soon we will get to the bottom of it and make a plan for my return to health.
I just have to believe there are better days ahead!
Tell me what you are up to in August.


Kathy said…
So sorry to hear you are ill and hope you will be feeling better soon!
I don't do selfies because they just never turn out looking very good at all. I meant to get in touch with you while in the area but we were running around so much that I completely forgot until it was too late. Sorry to hear about your GI issues. Do you use a lot of dairy? I would certainly give that up first. It was the best thing I ever did. Have a super Sunday. Tammy
Marrianna said…
So love your selfies. So sorry about the GI issues. However, I look forward to reading comments on this post to see what other suggestions your followers might have for the GI issue. No, I don't have GI issues, but I sure have issues with eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle.

For August, my plan is to clean house and give more stuff away. The garage sale days are over for me and my BFF and it's time to give away and donate.

Also in August, I hope to step up my yoga practice here at home and in classes at the healthy club.

Take care of you,
Linda said…
Awwwww - you are so cute in any of the selfies you post, even the silly ones. Love 'em all.

This August is declutter time, unfortunately I don't do garage sales any longer, and the stuff, aka junk, just has to go.

Hoping better health comes your way.
Beth Leintz said…
Those hard to solve health problems are so frustrating. Saying a prayer for better health in the days ahead!

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