Junking in Fort Collins, Colorado

Happy Labor Day weekend!
It wouldn't feel like a holiday weekend for me at all since I work "retail" and don't have Monday off...except that we planned a trip to visit the campus at Colorado State University Fort Collins on Friday and I took a day off  for that -- so I got a 3 day weekend anyway!  Funny, I didn't even plan it that way, but it's nice when something in life works out, isn't it?
It was a nice way to spend a free Friday, with my family, thinking about the future.
We went up mid morning, though the campus tour wasn't until 2 pm, because I have never been to Fort Collins and wanted to look around a bit.
My friend Suzanne lives nearby and she suggested this antique mall, which was just about the perfect size for the little bit of time I was able to try my husband and son's patience allot to shopping!
It was fun to look around even though I didn't end up buying a single thing!
 It's beginning to look like autumn
 I wish I had room in my house to set out rusty chairs and display china on them
 I was tempted to buy this antique wedding keepsake because it was under priced, but if you know me you know I don't have room on any of my walls for anything!
 Every time I go junking I want a bird cage.
 Really sweet display, under glass.

 This little embroidered linen sewing basket almost came home with me.
Because I need another sewing basket. Not.
 Of course, everywhere you look was burlap.
 It was a burlap-a-looza!

 A woman after my own heart...making pretty things from lovely old linens!
 These were lavender sachets.
 Such a cheery color on this footstool.
 I liked the use of old wood and spoons to hold tea lights.
 I snapped this photo of the drawers-as-cabinets because I had recently listed one of those liquor dispensers at work...and thought it was pretty nifty.
 This made me laugh out loud: what the inside of an accordion looks like.
 Lots  of metal, including that dilapidated pumpkin from a gas can -- clever!
 'Not sure about hanging a red cylinder inside a frame...?
 I liked how this gal foofed up a little trophy.
 Dennis and Ben came to find me after about 45 min., when I has asked for 1 hour and 15 min.  To punish them, I made them go with me to another store!
 A yard full of metal set out to rust.

 I think this pile of windows would have made such a cute photo...if not for that fire extinguisher!
 'LOVE this baby display, in a clear hat box!
 A bowl of buttons to pick through!

This would be so cute in my own front yard -- full of seasonal displays -- right?
Thanks for coming shopping with me!
I hope you are having a lovely Labor Day weekend, too.


Looks like a nice day with your guys. But you didn't buy a thing??? How did Ben like the campus?

Thanks for sharing all the loveliness, and for sending me that sweet pic of the baby Basset art!
Looks like so much fun! I love to look even if I don't buy anything, but usually I do...buy something that is!
Marrianna said…
I am way impressed that you didn't find anything to buy to bring home. It is soooooo very haaarrrrd for me to resist. The staging of the sections and selections in the first antique store are amazing. I'm still decluttering but stopped at a couple of yard sales yesterday and picked up a few things at one of them. I'll use what I bought, try to trade some of the books at our local used bookseller, and keep the others for the Christmas holidays, then donate - again.

I hope you and your family liked the college campus. This senior of high school can be quite fun as the search for the perfect college continues.

Kathy said…
Thank you for taking me along, this was so much fun!! I love looking at all that inspiration. The drawers re-purposed as shelves are a great idea and the ladle candle holder, too. The red cylinder inside the frame might be a bell. There is a guy here in Portland who makes gorgeous ones from the old tanks and even etches designs in to the side.
Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip. I'll be your husband and son won't cut your time short again, lol. Love the picture of the dress form with the doll head.
Linda said…
Love going on little (or long) trips with you...so much fun, yippee.

And a good thing you 'punished' those guys for showing up toooooo early, lol
Hi Laurie, I loved going along with you on your junking trip. I went to a swap meet the other day, and came home and forgot to take pictures and post my treasures. Imagine that, I think I am not a very good blogger anymore. I found some great antique buttons. Well maybe I need to still post them. Loved visiting you again here.

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