Monday, June 30, 2014

Vintage Kansas

Here are some photos of what came back with me from Kansas, and why!
 Karla's friend Gwen, who was also a Birdsong sponsor, always has the most beautiful things from France -- like this little school notebook, English
 The student -- who had the most beautiful hand writing, as you'll see -- covered the plain composition book with pretty paper

 I fell in love with the care the student of long ago took to keep the book tidy, and pretty to look at!
Another handwritten delight was this newsy letter, written by a woman to her mother in the 1930s.
Can you guess what I loved about each of these antique photos?
 I  thought the bow on the little girl's head, left was adorable, and the expression on the woman in the front row's face in the middle photo priceless, and loved the dress on the woman on the right -- all those gathers and tucks!
A pretty calling card for a Scottish business -- 'love the lettering.
The French box -- not the buttons, this time -- made me feel weak in the knees!
I just love the large size and variety of these pearly beads; they are perfectly shaped.
I bought this fancy bird brooch on the way in, thinking I might use it on a project at Birdsong.  I didn't end up using it but I'm still happy I have it.   What makes it unique is that it has a hidden vial -- that jeweled cone shaped object in gold is a tiny bottle, and the round thing sticking up out of it is a stopper!
 The wallpaper you've probably noticed in the background of these photos are beautiful vintage pieces I bought from Karla!
 Her vintage wallpaper collection is legendary, and she shares!

This little bird salt and pepper shaker set came home with me because I had one like it and gave it away years ago; mine was made of metal and this set is plastic, but almost as cute.
 Karla's sister Terri made these adorable bird-themed earrings -- I love them!
 I also bought these -- made by Karla -- because they were so lightweight!
And so pretty -- look at the polka dot detail!
Some trim with just the right amount of vintage yellowing.
 Kansas is always a great place to find rusty old stuff...
and I think these will make a wonderful piece of wall art someday soon!  I bought one for a friend, too.
I also found two of these Vera kitchen still my heart!  Because I love Vera, of course!
I loved every minute of my shopping and browsing on the trip.

Friday, June 27, 2014

June days

I am excited that, thanks to a tip from Terri that it was on sale, I purchased Nellie Wortman's Weekend Fabric Book Class, online.  Hurry, because all of her classes are on sale through the end of the month, here.  It's a video series and so far I've watched most of the videos already but haven't yet sat down to make a book.  I hope to find the time to do it this weekend!  I am inspired!

Creating makes me remember all the fun I had at Birdsong.  Gosh I miss the girl-time!
"My" table -- Terri, me, Tammy and Terry; Lisa was taking the photo.
I still have class projects to show you:
 The shadowbox class Lori Oles taught
 She always makes the most beautiful kits for us to use.

Here's one of Karla's class projects, a peat pot fairy: 
 Every time I go to an art event, there's one class that pleasantly surprises me because I don't expect to like as much as I do...
 and this time it was this fairy class!
 Back view, showing flower hat.
 It sits in a swing that hangs from a wire arch, anchored in a peat pot.
(I painted mine blue.)
 Not a great photo, but look at the little stockings we made on the legs!  His little shoes are petals with a rhinestone on them.
When I finished, it tickled me and I couldn't stop laughing!
It still makes me smile every time I look at it!
 I am always SO excited for the jewelry class -- this time, it was taught by Andrea Singarella, another rock star artist I have long wanted to meet!  She was very nice!
 Her kits were gorgeous, too -- they came in little decorated cloth bags. We made these wonderful bracelets:
 I love it like crazy.  And then we had extra time and Andrea had extra beads and baubles: I made a pair of matching earrings:
I have a long way to go to be a great jewelry designer -- but you can't go wrong with these colors and beautiful findings!  (I put them on silver wires when I got home -- because I can only wear silver or gold in my ears.)
Karla was, as always, a generous and gracious hostess;
she fed us wonderful, healthy, organic meals that make me wish I could eat at her house everyday!
 Next time, I'll show you some of the great stuff I bought while in this metal clip I couldn't leave behind, with its June theme...
I got home and discovered it opens up and you can change out the months!
But -- personally, I'd like it to stay June all year 'round.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Birdsong banner from Barb

How is it possible it's been two weeks since I was in Kansas?
It's always fun in the weeks following an event to go online and see everyone's photos; the one above of Tammy and I was taken by Terri, at the make-n-take at Angie's shop.
But what I really wanted to tell you about today is the banner I received from Barb -- shown above, with Barb!
And here's a close up of each letter, done in fabric with paper embellishments here and there.
 I love the shape of her "pennants"!
Barb said several times that the banner was a challenge, making her grow as an artist. 
 I can see how much love and detail went into each portion of the banner,
 and I appreciate all the ways she personalized it to make it so "me"!

This banner will hang in my bedroom and I can't wait to get it up!
Look at this cute stamp Barb used to personalize the back!  (All of the pennants were backed with burlap.)
I'll have fun with this little egg-shaped clip, with chalkboard paint on top, which decorated the banner package.
When we swap, we do it between classes/on breaks in Karla's lovely garden.
Wow -- I wish everyone could have seen the gorgeous banners that got swapped that day!  Hope, who hostessed the swap, made one as a gift for Karla.
And, she didn't waste any time getting hers hung up in between her dining room and parlor so we could all enjoy it the rest of the weekend!
 When we raffle-swapped our decorated bottles -- I received Karla's!
She decorated it inside and out -- for better photos, check out her blog post about it!