Memories of Kansas, last Friday

When I traveled to Kansas for Birdsong 4, I went a day early to attend the monthly antique sale in Kansas City, called Bottoms Up (not its official name but that's what we call it.)
I've been there before and knew it would be loads of fun!
Of course the best part is always hanging out with friends -- like Lisa
...and Terri!
And, another Terry!
And Tammy!
And another Lisa, who was there with her family.
There are buildings full of wonderful things and great displays!
This place is probably my favorite:
I was very happy to be there!
 Just a few photos of all the inspiration:

 Below: Terri looking at buttons!
 Notice any themes?  Weddings, red white and blue, and BIRDS were things we saw over and over.
I guess they knew we were coming!

 A view out the window of one of the old buildings.
It was very hot and we shopped until we couldn't anymore!
Then we went back to our respective hotels, freshened up, and went to a party!
 Karla's friend Angie had us all over to her beautiful vintage shop, My Father's Daughter, for dinner!
We were also celebrating her birthday!
Angie is that beautiful woman you see in the mirror in this shot of the sweets table!
Photo by Karla Nathan
Beth brought supplies so we could do a "make -n- take!"
I love how mine turned out -- in purples.
The base, which you can't see too well in this photo, is one of those hard board index files -- they have a black tab at the top with a letter or number on it.
Every time I see those file indexes at a flea market, I wish I could think of something to do with them.  Beth's idea was perfect!
Beth, Randy and Karla; Photo by Karla Nathan
We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful evening in Lawrence, or a better preview of all the fun to come at Birdsong!
More photos and beautiful things to look at coming as soon as I have time to post'em!


Lisa said…
Oh, so much fun! Exhausting ~ but fun!

Always so great to hang out with friends and be creative too. :)
Patty Antle said…
I'm envious! What a lovely and creative time you had!
Maggie said…
So much fun on your Kansas Adventure!! (you know it is KILLING me to read about it....I want to join in someday sooo much!!) Can't wait to read more about the rest of your crafty weekend. Details, please!!;-)
Kelli Davidson said…
It looks like you and your girlfriends had a lovely time - I certainly enjoyed going along!
Kathy said…
Yummy eye candy - I hope you took a big empty suitcase with you!

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