Tiny treasures in a tin

 A few days ago I showed you the Altoids tin I made for Tammy, and here is the one I received from Lynn!
 It was wrapped inside this potholder; I love the vintage sewing theme of the fabric.
 The beautiful Altoid's tin itself was decorated on the front with this amazing vintage wallpaper, feather...
 lace, tatting and LOOK at that button!
It was full of wonderful goodies that Lynn knew I would love:
 vintage embellishments...

 sea glass, vintage lace, and this little watch face which will go in my next jewelry project!
 But I was floored when I saw this little dance card.
 It's from 1927 and, as I told Lynn, that year is special to me because it's the year my father was born.  She had no way of knowing that I will just about always buy things I find with that date!
 This gal had three dances reserved that evening.  I'll bet she danced more but stopped writing them down.
I love that they had chaperones, and that the band was called The Merry Makers.
It will always be special to me!
The pretty pink flowered linen I used in the background was a gift from fellow Birdsong Peep Suzanne.


This is wonderful! It was such fun to see all the amazing creations and the goodies packed inside.
Beth Leintz said…
Its all so much fun, but that dance card is really a treasure"
Kathy said…
How amazing that she landed on that special date. It was clearly meant to be with you!
Kelli Davidson said…
That little tin packed a lot of punch! My favorite part of course was the dance card!

LOVE the dance card thing , I have only seen individual cards back then
Abby / Linda said…
I have never been to a dance, nor had a dance card. (kinda sheltered, huh?) :) That is really a wonderful find!
Awesome how much can fit inside a little tin. I altered one a few years ago and have saved others but done nothing with them. Have been crocheting up a storm and not doing much other types of crafting. Best wishes, Tammy

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