A lace mobile

I'm going out of order here...I hope you don't mind: this was the last project of the weekend at Karla's Birdsong 4, by Karla herself, and I didn't finish it until a few days ago, here at home.
It's a lace mobile and it was so much fun to make!
Above, how it looked in the early morning sun the other day.  It's temporarily hanging from my dining room chandelier.
Karla gave us a kit full of beautiful old things...
 and I especially loved working with the chandelier crystals; we put ephemera on the back of several different sizes.
We made tags to hang from the mobile, and I also used beautiful graphics that Hope Wallace brought as a gift for all of us in the mobile.
The Birdsong sponsor gifts and "table gifts" the gals bring for each other are always amazing -- the one we got from Terri (so prettily wrapped above) also went on my mobile -- a beautiful felt flower.
As did some of the lace that Mercedes had put in her sponsor gift.
I was really enjoying myself during the class, but as I mentioned I didn't get to finish.
Here's how the wreath looked like when I got it home.
I continued making tags and then strung them in different lengths on the mobile.
I also hung my name tag from Birdsong, hand made and personalized by Karla, and a vintage bird matchbook that came in my tin from Lynn that I showed you in the last post!

It's kind of like a banner -- hard to get a good photo of it all at once.
As I mentioned, Hope Wallace was at Birdsong 4, and it really was a thrill to meet her!
I am such an admirer of her work -- and so when she whipped out her personal journal and started working on it in between projects I felt like a giddy fan-girl!
And I took a photo -- see?
I'm hope all my gushing was hilarious and not annoying for Hope!
I was just so inspired!
More pretty project pictures coming up!


Hi Laurie
I seen picture of you over at the Birdsong event. On the blog (Vintage Connections)
There is always wonderful projects going on
I Like the lace mobile chandelier thingie also since I have one hanging over my work table in the studio, however I have more chains that the sweet little cards and tags on it.
You are always smiling and having a ball
Pallas said…
Your mobile turned out so pretty!
It looks like you girls had a blast at Birdsong - I'm enjoying all the pictures.
Hope is always one of my faves to sit next to in classes!

Glad you liked the mobile, I want to make another.
Awesome and so much fun! I wish I was more organized with my journal keeping ways. I started one the last week of December and by the first week of the new year, I had completely forgotten about it. Happens all the time. Even when I travel, I take journals, intending to document our trip. Doesn't happen. I sent you an email. Will be in Colorado next month. Best wishes, Tammy
autena said…
Hi Laurie! Long time no see, I'm ashamed to say. I love old lace and have lots and lots, passed down to me from the women in my family. Can't bear to sell it, but don't seem to work with it either. Just hoarding, I guess!
Hope Wallace said…
Laurie, it was so wonderful to get to spend time with you and to get to know you! I had such a great time at Birdsong!!

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