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Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all my dear friends! My hope for you is that you are able to spend your holidays doing what you enjoy most with those you love to be with. A few last Christmas photos -- these are from a craft get-together I had with some friends last week:  We made some cookie cutter/tart tin ornaments We also made some little mittens: I plan to make these into a fabric banner -- something for next year!  One of the gals who came brought me all these wonderful gifts -- as well as goodies for everyone which included:  ephemera!  Isn't this Kewpie doll band card amazing?!  It's original and old. I'm still on my Christmas crafting kick and can't seem to stop; I made this embellishment yesterday...  and turned some vintage fabrics into the collage below.    After I photographed it, I embroidered the words Merry and Bright onto the blank spot over the lace on the top.  A few more glimpses of Christmas decor.

Merry Christmas Eve eve

Merry Christmas Eve eve!  I am happy to have some time off to prepare for holiday fun.  Have I mentioned how much I love my new job? Here's some of the Christmas cheer I brought home from Kansas ! Really cute glittered candy canes with a cute snowman tag! This wreath.  Would you look at that tiny lantern ornament? Bethany Lowe bottle brush ornaments to fouf This little spice drawer that I just had to have! glass bird ornament baby socks which will make fun ornaments a red bottle brush wreath  this little Santa... carrying adorable treats in his bag! cookie cutter ornaments... I thought this tree with it's little red jingle bells was just adorable! I had to have this bag full of individual envelopes of watch parts -- I can't wait to start using them in crafts. Flocked Christmas ribbon!  I splurged on this sample folder of gift wrap. I couldn't leave it behind! And of course, this bird that I showed you the other

Christmas snippets

Last week I showed you the snippet roll I sent to Mercedes ; here's the beautiful one I received from Michele !  I love it! The wrapping was SO BEAUTIFUL I almost didn't want to open it!  Michele's layers and details are amazing! I'm thrilled with my snippet roll and so glad I joined in on this swap! I thought I'd show you one last snippet roll -- I almost hate to put it in the same post as this magnificent one from Michele, but, it does go to show how different they can be! This one is in red and green, with images from 1950s Christmas cards (or ads)  In the corner, a wonderful brooch from that era that was a gift from Terri . It makes me happy. Here's the back. I have it clipped to the tablecloth in this Santa display (bottom right.) Did you notice this tablecloth in the background of some of my photos?  It's vintage Vera Neumann, and I stumbled on it in near perfect condition at a thrift store about a mont