Button Floozies White Christmas Button Book Swap with Deb

Finally, I have a chance to show you the White Christmas button book I swapped with Deb!   This is the front...

 Again, the beautiful images on muslin are from The Little Pink Studio.

(I took most of my photos before I bound the book, thus the rough inner edges.)

 a vintage brooch

  Vintage carded buttons under sheer fabric.

 This is the back:
And here is the lovely book I received from Deb;
She sent it along with some vintage treats that she knew I would love: 
Deb's book was enclosed in this pretty fabric pouch...
with this sweet bird nest detail!
The book closed with a tie and that was attached with a rhinestone pin -- how lovely is it?

 A lovely pocket that held vintage button cards...
 And this vintage millinery berry bundle!
 Deb incorporated so many layers of fabrics and textures.

 This is the back...
with one final gorgous button!
I love my book from Deb!
So...that is it for me for the button book swap; still plenty more to see on Button Floozies, though!


Createology said…
I am so loving these sweet little button books you all swapped. So much creativity and fun. Button Book Bliss...
Pallas said…
the fabric/button books are beautiful, and great inspiration.
These are both amazing! There are so many beautiful details. It's such fun to see pics of all the books! Thank you for sharing.
Kathy said…
Gorgeous! So how do you display your books?? I would love to see.
Prettiest things I have ever seen. Like I said before I am so glad I didn't join in the swap because my little book could not compare to any you have posted about,however I love them all.
Martha Stewart has nothing on bloggers. We can create anything of beauty out of scraps , well beautiful scraps.
I want a little book like these so bad I'm really going to take time to start me one
lynn said…
these are the most gorgeous books
i would swoon if i received even one page
such talented ladies
happy holidays filled with love
Unknown said…
Both of the books are so lovely! Love looking at all of the tiny details and the vintage goodies.
Once again, everyone's books are so wonderful.
Such a joyful swap indeed.
Happy Holidays
These are both gorgeous works of art; you and Deb did such a beautiful job. I'm just amazed with all the details.

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