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Making snowmen while the sun shines

We are enjoying a wonderfully warm, Indian summer here in Colorado -- most days, at least.  Today we went on a 4 mile hike; it was 77 degrees out, with sunshine and blue, blue skies!  Nevertheless -- I'm spending time making snowmen!  They are ornaments from "paper clay" and the technique is one I learned from a class I took online, by Dawn .  I haven't made them for years, but am getting ready to actually sell at a craft fair ( unheard of for me!) so I'm making a new batch for that! After the little heads dried, I painted their cheeks and noses; now they are ready to be "dressed". When finished, they will be similar to this guy I made before (above, on a previous year's Christmas tree.)  I hope people love them, and buy them!  I'm also going to make some different ornaments, and put together some packages of Christmas ephemera to sell.  My buddy Rebecca will be doing it with me, and is going to make some stuff, too. When I was

Coffee, tea, or a job well done?

I remember the 80’s -- the days when good jobs were as plentiful as a young woman’s hopes and dreams.  When I was 19 I was working as an Assistant Manager of a commercial office building -- a job that sounds like much more than it paid.  It was fun; I had friends in all 18 offices in the building. They were usually the people I’d come to know when they called my office to complain about something: the price of the rent, the temperature in their offices, something the janitor had or hadn’t done, etc.  After a while, I grew tired of being the complaint department.  So, when one of those friends was lured away from her job to a higher-paying one by an employment agent, I decided to give that a try myself.  And that was how a woman named Joanne got me a new, better job as a secretary for Borden Foods. The one job my mother had before becoming a stay-at-home mom was as a bookkeeper at Borden Foods in San Francisco. When I was small and looked through her jewelry box, the shiny serv

Colorado's fall color

Dennis and I took a ride this weekend to enjoy the beautiful fall color we're having here in Colorado.  These photos were mostly taken along Highway 67, in the area between Victor and Cripple Creek, Colorado. Enjoy! I am very sad that summer has much went with it this year, for us.  But seeing the pretty fall colors cheers me.  And I know that summer will come again.   Happy October!