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Mid Mod Christmas Treasures: Berggren Trayner 12 Days of Christmas

I was so excited to find this COMPLETE SET of vintage 12 Days of Christmas tiles by Berggren! You can read a little bit about these very popular artists here ; no doubt you'll immediately recognize their iconic style from your childhood, or, from thrift store shelves! I can't afford to keep them right now, so they're offered for sale in my shop .  But before I let them go, I had to preserve them for myself in photos -- and share them with you!  So, here you go: a rare look at a mid century modern, vintage treasure: One of my favorite things about these tiles is how Berggren has interpreted each of the folk song's images so cleverly -- for example, the way the drummers and dancers are differently dressed and have different props.  And the birds also have their own distinct personalities and seem to be interacting with each other! It's so modern and yet so old-fashioned, and whimsical! If you look as the days go on, all of the c

Vintage Crafters Cafe Swap

I belong to a few Facebook vintage groups, and one of my favorites is Vintage Crafters Cafe .  The group had a vintage pin cushion swap recently; we all made a pin cushion from at least 75% vintage materials, and swapped with another member.  I really had fun designing this one!  First, I sewed a pumpkin using vintage fabrics (only two of the fabrics were "new"): When finished, I mounted it on an iron candlestick.  It made for a tall, "statement" pincushion!  My partner won't lose it on her sewing table, that's for sure! I decorated it with some pins and charms and buttons and things, in an Autumn-y palette. Don't you love the rusty corkscrew wires, and the vintage orange millinery flower? I included this fun packet of vintage sewing notions from my collection!  Lots of fun old stuff...   I decorated this old Rexall drug store bag with fabric, a measuring tape, and old buckle!  Look at this little package of chenille car