Thursday, May 24, 2018

Paint Card Swap - A Little Spoiler

I normally don't show my swap items until after they have been received, but I'm not worried about spoilers this time because I actually FORGOT to take photos of my finished pieces before mailing!  I almost never do that!  And it's especially sad because this time when I made the six cards I LOVED each and every one!
Luckily, I took one "during" photo of the first paint card, so at least I can show you what I was up to in this swap.  I really got into the "vixen" theme, using cute little reproduction cards of women in lingerie, and finishing with some vintage netting and little garter clips!  The pretty length of rosy paper is a tiny wallpaper border -- vintage, of course.  It's the first time I could ever bring myself to use it!

Also, it was my first time using paint cards as a base.  I don't think it will be the last.  (Even though I feel badly using the cards for something other than what they were intended for!)

'Can't wait to see what I get back from the swap!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Fabulous Vintage Fabrics, Linens and Lace

Since being unemployed, I've made more frequent, shorter visits to thrift stores and estate sales than I normally do.  My husband has been working a lot from home, so in an effort to stay out of his way I've been spending less time in the office at the computer.  The result is that while I've found oodles of fabulous linens and fabrics -- I've not taken the time to blog about them as often as I should!  Today I'm going to try to catch you up -- get ready for lots of photos of vintage fabrics, lace, crochet and some other odds and ends:
 Almost without fail, I end up with lots and lots of crochet and doilies...

Believe it or not -- I do try to limit myself to only the most interesting and unique ones, and leave the rest behind for others to find!  I'm getting ready to make some of those "dreamcatchers" with doilies, so I've been collecting for that purpose.  I buy hand-tatted trim whenever I find it -- because we all know how hard it is to make and, therefore, precious it is!

This pile included some tree-shaped molds, a crochet kit and a recipe box in the shape of a Land O' Lakes package, as well as a 70's era Vera towel with daisies!
And these appliques and large crochet piece I found along with a book of paper dolls and some vintage candle packages!
The pink floral piece is not fabric but looks like the kind stores would use to wrap candy boxes in.
Along with these goodies, I just loved the daisy napkins in that bright green!  That little poseable wooden figure will be fun in a vignette, don't you think?

This was a large piece of vintage fabric that dates from the 1950s (above) with fabulous lavendar...
 and this blue and gold mod print must have come from ca. the 1970's!
I found yards and yards of these two fabulous bark cloth prints that were probably intended as curtain panels -- the one above with columns and the one below with space age shapes and a great teal green.
They will soon be listed in my Etsy shop!
I couldn't resist this little baby dress because of it's soft, flannel-like fabric and this print:

And at one estate sale I purchased a large quantity of the above vintage Waverly linen, which I immediately used to create a pair of curtains for my family room!
At the same estate sale, I found a wonderful hand made Christmas tablecloth with appliqued candles in fabulous condition!
It is already in my shop here.
As is this rare handkerchief showing gondolas in Venice, by designer Eric Fisher!
 I had to bring home this handmade linen that is over 150 years old...
look at that repair!  It's like a little bit of history.  I'm not sure exactly what I'll use it for but it is so wonderful to touch!

And this ecru doily that is handmade and has an unusual crocheted border that I fell in love with!
Once in a while at the bins I happen upon what is obviously a quilter's stash of fabric...
I am always very "picky" about buying fabric from thrift stores, too, but I love it when I find new, feedsack reproduction prints like this!

These will be fun to have on hand for upcoming holidays!

And a successful thrift store trip usually includes a Vera scarf, or two!
Well, there is more to show you but I'm going to stop there so I can get this posted on the blog!  Thank you for being faithful to come by and read about my junking adventures!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all the mothers out there are having a lovely day.  And, if you're not a mother, that you're also celebrating because we all have had mothers -- even if (like mine) they're not on Earth right now.
Yesterday my husband took me to a great All the Pretty Ladies sale at my favorite antique mall, Sweet William.  There were many sales available, and we were greeted at the door with delicious cookies and champagne punch.  That put a smile on my husband's face right away!  I took some photos:

I love to see how vendors stage their spaces, don't you?  I hope you enjoyed the photos; as for me, I was only tempted to buy a couple of ephemera items.  It's rare, but I do have days where I'm just not in the mood to shop (gasp!)
Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 4, 2018

I Love Estate Sales! and more Textile Art

I went to a very fun estate sale yesterday, and I love every little thing I bought there!  Here's a peek:
 Three antique lithographs of The Flowers of Shakespeare like the one above; these came complete with...
certificates of authenticity from a couple of decades ago, when the previous owners bought them in England.
I'm not exactly sure what the use was originally for these letters and numbers; they are yellow metal and come in columns of 3.  Does anyone know?
 Of course I couldn't pass this little guy up...
 or this one: it's a tiny stork scissor pin!  It will look so cute in a fabric journal, someday!
 I tend not to buy antique photos, because I always want 25 or so and it gets expensive.  But, I loved all of these ladies so they came home with me.
 Four place mats; they were marked "baroque linen" and they smell divine (if, like me, you love the scent of old linen!)
 You know I have a thing for hydrangeas!  This is a small tablecloth and it's immaculate.

  This silk ribbon with the faint rose print took my breath away.  It's shattered in many places, but there are a few yards of it and plenty is usable!

 Here's a sampler I just finished.  After posting it on one of the Facebook pages I belong to for vintage/textile artists, a sweet new friend private-messaged me and told me she had to have it.  So, I backed it with some beautiful fabric and mailed it away!

It really is a joy to sell your creations -- even if they are hard to part with!
That's why I always take a lot of photos - to remember them and to be inspired!
Here's one I'm working on now; I want to embellish it more, especially on the sides of the center, and then it, too, will be finished.
The center embroidery was a pattern by Charlotte Lyons that I did a few years ago and was keeping for just the perfect project!
I hope you have a creative weekend!