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Seasons, change

I'm settling into my new job nicely; this week I began working full time hours.  I had one day off while transitioning to the new schedule, and it was a sunny Saturday.  Dennis and I ran away for a few hours, into the countryside. The leaves are past their prime and falling, falling, falling now... We were having unseasonably warm weather, but we're getting overnight frosts these last couple of nights. Of course, we had to do a little of this while were out -- such a joy to find country stores open on a lazy Saturday! I always find really great ephemera at this particular store -- and Saturday was no exception.  And a real bargain -- each photo just 50 cents.  I particularly loved the one of the baby on the left -- because it was taken out of doors, which I don't see too often. I thought the lady in the above photo would make a convincing Halloween witch -- the way she is holding her hat in her hands, and the obvious staged background.  So I bought it and sc

Beauties from Betsy

Are you a beach person?  I am, through and through. I'm a California girl, and miss everything about living near the beach. But, take a look at my happy face in this photo: Besides my happy smile, did you notice the necklace? It was a gift that I won from Betsy, author of one of my favorite blogs, My Salvaged Treasures , and junque queen extraordinaire!  She also has an Etsy shop by the same name. It's a beautiful necklace she made by filling a small box with gifts from the sea. This very necklace was featured in the latest issue of the exquisite magazine, Jewelry Affaire , and then she had a blog giveaway for it which I won !   You can read about it here on Betsy's blog .   And please do, because her photos are so much better than mine, and you can appreciate the true beauty of the necklace! When the gift arrived, it came with all this beauty, too; a Scrabble tile charm...   and BUTTONS!  Really special, exquisite buttons.  The kind of beauti

Autumn around the house

The trees are colorful and Fall is in the air. Cora and Ben on their way to Homecoming a few weeks ago; aren't they adorable? I put my Fall door hanging outside... and all the rest inside, too! Here's that mid-century two-tiered plate -- I filled it with two kinds of Fall potpourri, and a candle that is on its last legs.  I found this mustard yellow tray/basket at Tuesday Morning the other day.  I filled it with autumn colors, to include white (the little owl and some pumpkins!) In one corner of the living room.  How much do you love this vintage Puss n' Boots?  I bought him a couple of years ago in Kansas City. In another corner...  creepy Halloween dolls!  The smaller one is a matchbox I received in a Halloween swap made by/from JoAnne . and the taller one is one I made myself a while back.  I took photos in the early morning light; I like the shadows that showed up. I'm amassing quite a collection of beau

An invitation to swap

Please visit me on my other blog, Button Floozies , for details on our Christmas swap.  Button lovers everywhere are welcome to join in the fun!