Seasons, change

I'm settling into my new job nicely; this week I began working full time hours.  I had one day off while transitioning to the new schedule, and it was a sunny Saturday.  Dennis and I ran away for a few hours, into the countryside.
The leaves are past their prime and falling, falling, falling now...
We were having unseasonably warm weather, but we're getting overnight frosts these last couple of nights.
Of course, we had to do a little of this while were out -- such a joy to find country stores open on a lazy Saturday!
I always find really great ephemera at this particular store -- and Saturday was no exception.  And a real bargain -- each photo just 50 cents.  I particularly loved the one of the baby on the left -- because it was taken out of doors, which I don't see too often.
I thought the lady in the above photo would make a convincing Halloween witch -- the way she is holding her hat in her hands, and the obvious staged background.  So I bought it and scanned as a gift for you.  If you use her in your art, please be sure to send me a link!
I was attracted to this Literary Digest from 1936 for it's bright red cover -- and also the cover motif, which I thought was very mixed media, and charming.
And I can never pass up a bad Santa, like this one smoking on the back cover!
It is full of interesting articles and ads from the era.

I also found this 1944 Christmas postcard; it depicts wartime France, the invasion, and appears to be hand colored.  There are a couple of signatures in pen at the bottom.  I think it should be framed.
Meanwhile, back at the is the Jackalope Jack O'Lantern Ben carved for Halloween.  I've been having to bring it indoors each night to save it from that frost.
And this is how that little pumpkin with the wine cork for a stem turned out -- I love it most of all.  But that might be because the wine -- Trapiche Broquel Malbec from Argentina -- is my elixir these is so soothing to my poor tummy!
Here is a sneak peek at the beginnings of my own White Christmas Button Book swap that we are doing over at Button Floozies.  Sign ups continue through Friday, October 31 with a great group of ladies participating!  If you know of someone who loves creating with buttons, please feel free to share the invitation.  Mine are fabric but you can also do paper if you would prefer; all are welcome.


Marrianna said…
All the fall photos are wonderful and your treasures are a delight. I especially love the 1944 postcard since that is the year of my birth. I watch a lot of British BBC Mysteries and Foyle's War is one of my favorites - it takes place during World War II and that's how I learn a lot of history. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you like your new job, also.
Kathy said…
Oh, I'm so glad you got a play day in before the new job. You scored some great emphemera and I would have bought those same things. I can't resist those old magazines!
Abby / Linda said…
I collect Santas. That Bad Santa cracked me up!

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