Beauties from Betsy

Are you a beach person?  I am, through and through.
I'm a California girl, and miss everything about living near the beach.
But, take a look at my happy face in this photo:
Besides my happy smile, did you notice the necklace?
It was a gift that I won from Betsy, author of one of my favorite blogs, My Salvaged Treasures, and junque queen extraordinaire!  She also has an Etsy shop by the same name.
It's a beautiful necklace she made by filling a small box with gifts from the sea.
This very necklace was featured in the latest issue of the exquisite magazine, Jewelry Affaire, and then she had a blog giveaway for it which I won!
  You can read about it here on Betsy's blog.  And please do, because her photos are so much better than mine, and you can appreciate the true beauty of the necklace!
When the gift arrived, it came with all this beauty, too; a Scrabble tile charm...
  and BUTTONS!  Really special, exquisite buttons.
 The kind of beautiful buttons you don't see everyday; the hard-to-part-with kind of buttons.  Look at that little shoe on the left!
 The silver-toned one on the top right, above, is shell set in metal, one of my favorite varieties.
Black glass, blue glass, and lots of fancy metal.
Betsy is so generous and thoughtful!
I am thrilled with my necklace and the special extras she sent.
I must get my own copy of that issue of the magazine that features it; it's by Stampington and you know how gorgeous those magazines are.  Betsy's work is inspiring people the world over -- but then, that is nothing new!
Thank you so much, Betsy!


That necklace is gorgeous and I'm so happy you won it. Betsy is one of my favorite bloggers in the world and when I met her in August she gifted me with one of her necklaces that she had stamped Paris just for me! She is one of the most generous and thoughtful friends. The buttons she sent are amazing and such a great gift for you as I know you will treasure them. Big Hugs!

Maggie said…
You LUCKY DUCK!! I adore that necklace with the tiny shells so much. And what exquisite little button treasures, too. She's such a doll. So are you :-)

You wear it so well! I'm so happy you love it and all the little buttons and Scrabble tile too. Thank YOU so much for sharing and for being such a great blogging friend.
You were the lucky winner!! I just adore Betsy's creations!! You look so lovely with the necklace one! And those buttons look so pretty and cute too!! :) Have a wonderful day!! xo Holly
Lorraine said…
How wonderful! The necklace is so pretty and I love all the buttons. Congratulations!
Beautiful, beautiful necklace, and what wonderful buttons - Betsy is talented AND generous!

I'm laughing because I have a shirt almost identical to yours! No surprise there, right, since we love so many of the same things???
Pallas said…
You are a lucky girl Laurie. The necklace is beautiful and one of a kind. Plus, the buttons are so interesting.
Abby / Linda said…
I'm a bit behind on my reading, but I am glad that I am catching up or I would have missed this wonderful necklace! Beautiful!

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