Terri's Kitschmas presents

As promised, here's a vintage Christmas feast for your eyes and heart -- the swap package I received from Terri in return for the one I sent her shown in the previous post:
I hardly know where to start, so I'm just going to dive right in:
 This gorgeous beaded bow graced the outside of a vintage "Yuletide assortment" card box
which was filled with...
beautiful glass things that all arrived intact, and, this wonderful hand made ornament from a cookie cutter, decorated with vintage jewelry...
 and glittered on the front and back!  I love it!
 vintage salt and pepper shakers (mini and adorable)
and some delicious Mercury glass picks!
 In this pretty package...
 all kinds of trim and this GORGEOUS silk embroidered embellishment with a Christmas tree -- swoonworthy!
 And some buttons and impossible-to-find old metal tinsel
 Can you spot the tiny bejeweled green buttons near the bottom corner of the red button card?
Lovely vintage linens and sparkly embellishments!
It's funny, because Terri wondered if we'd be sending each other same things, and we did duplicate just a couple of things (a true swap!) but I didn't mind at all and I hope she didn't, either.  Great minds.
Here's a close up of that tree...
 I called this one The Santa Pack!
 It was tied at the top with deep red seam binding and this wonderful bell brooch!
 And look at this pin!!  This is one of those that would light up when you pull the jingle bell string on the bottom -- who's old enough to remember those besides me?
 I cannot tell you how much I love the graphics on the Santa card, and...

 There's that Santa pin in the front!
 The blue cards on the bottom are playing cards, and on top it's original trim; to the left, a sequined and beaded Santa!
Look at the cotton beard on this Santa tag!  Squeal!
 This package had these 1960s era tag/cards that I just LOVE!
 Isn't that bird to die for?
 Of these Hallmark coasters, the poinsettia one is my favorite...
And look at the variety of angels!  The red-haired one reminds me of Ann Margaret!
Because Terri knows how I feel about vintage paper, she showered me with all this:
 When I was putting together her package I realized just how tapped my Christmas card supply is...
 so you can imagine how thrilled I was to get these!
 This card has cut outs on the trees and the door, with silver paper behind it.  I love the detail of the two little birds on the walkway!
 Inside the card
 This card with the little birds in the tree made me so happy!  "To my sweetheart's mother"! 
It's hard to see in the photo, but the snow on the tree is glittered.
 I love the attention paid to fonts in those days.
And, I think I could make up an entire short story based on the inscription on this card!
 Christmas seals/stickers are some of my all time favorite things -- and Terri spoiled me with a huge variety!  They were from several different eras, and some were so unusual and I'd never seen them before!
 Like this little girl holding the jingle bells...
 and the kitty in the basket!
 It's hard to choose favorites, but the poodle, the snow couple and the atomic candy cane would be among them for sure!
 Be still my heart!

 I LOVE these Christmas seals!

 This papercut-style Santa is so iconic!
 I don't think I've ever seen a piano Christmas seal before!  It's so Hollywood Regency!
 The candy jar is another unusual motif...
 And the cuckoo clock; I have a soft spot for cuckoo clocks.
And this little snowman has the sparkliest eyes!
I was so spoiled.
It just gets you in the mood, doesn't it?  Thank you Terri -- I love it all!


Lorraine said…
What great shtuff! I love looking at all the old things. You're lucky to have a place to display it all. Thanks for sharing.
Patty Antle said…
very nice very nice and oh so fun!!
Kathy said…
Oh Laurie, what an amazing package of vintage goodness. Thank you for sharing all the eye candy!
Wow! I almost feel speechless, what eye candy indeed!! Love everything you got in your package!! Such a sweet swap!! Everything is so darling! :) Happy new week! xo Holly

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