Vintage sewing notions LOVE!

That is the title of one of my Pinterest boards: Vintage Sewing Notions LOVE.  I lovelovelove collecting old sewing stuff, don't ask me why, I have no explanation.  For a long, long time now I've been wanting to put together a vintage display of my favorites.
So yesterday, I found this little display case and it was on sale and, long story short, it came home with me.
And here it is, all filled up with some of my treasures.  I literally couldn't wait to get it set up now that I FINALLY have it!
If you've been reading my blog for a long time you will probably recognize most of this stuff, as I gushed over it/photographed it for the blog as I gathered each piece.  Take a peek inside with me:
This is the bottom shelf and it has some of my favorite things; on the left, one of those old, very hard pincushions, covered in crochet lace and pins.  It's the prettiest pink.  Behind it, some of my favorite new/old spools of thread.  Behind that, unfolded, a package that once held 1000 needles, and in front of it, another very old (falling part) needle book.
On the shelf above it, several of my favorite old pin cushions.  The one on the far right, the little girl sitting on a red cushion, is something that sat on my father's bureau for my entire childhood -- complete with the pins.  On the far left, a full box of Puritan silk pins.
Above that shelf, a collection of pin keeps and a chatelaine made from brown silk.
Plus a little box of Star thread and, on the far right, a little red bird seam ripper and two tiny, metal tape measures that I love.
On the top favorite silver plated pin container and thimble...
and a black Singer accessories box that has purple velvety lining, too, which holds some more treasures.
I love it all.
Look at these old safety pins -- two different kinds.  Sorry the photos are a bit blurry -- it was a little dark this afternoon but, like I said, I couldn't wait!  I bought a few other things this weekend -- stay tuned for a little bit of estate sale fun!


Unknown said…
Laurie, a perfect display cabinet for your great things. Looks wonderful. Kathy
You must have had so much fun arranging all those treasures. It's the kind of cabinet I could spend lots of time looking at. xx
Kathy said…
Oh, Laurie, I love love love this!!
You have a wonderful collection, and that display cabinet is perfect!
Omgosh you just gave me an idea I have 3 little cabinets very similar and lots sewing items so I'm going to copy cat you LOL
I have rhinestones in one cabinet baby shoes in the other so will empty out one with odds and ends in it for buttons and sewing items

I like all your sewing notions
of course
Anonymous said…
Laurie, I love your collections and the cabinet you have them displayed in. Thanks for sharing the snippet roll and your birthday gifts with us. When are you going to tell us about your new job?

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