Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thrifty finds!

In case anyone was wondering, I'm still planning to start my own version of a thrifting linky party.  There are some good ones out there, but I want mine to be a bit different.  The thing is: I want mine to be ONLY thrifty finds -- not craft items where thrifty finds were used, or tablescapes using thrifted items, or makeovers of a thrifted item (before/after), or frugal meals/recipes.  Not that there's anything wrong with any of that -- I just want my party to be about the thrifty find itself, fresh out of the shopping bag.  I guess I'm just a purist!  I'll debut my linky party in the new year, okay?
Do you like these little covered crock?  I really do!  I love their shape, age, and their cute flower and leaf design.  I love how there are four identical ones, all in their own little holder!
I think they're great for this time of year -- to hold chili, or french onion soup -- but could also be used in other seasons, like at a cookout to hold condiments and burger fixin's, and stay covered to keeps the bugs away!  I got the set for $5 at a thrift shop, and they're unmarked.  Does anyone know the maker?
I forgot to show you this from my Florence day -- beautiful little feather-tree, glass ornaments.  I love them like crazy.  I especially love their non-traditional colors!  They were a splurge at $1 each.

I found this little stick- or hat-pin at an estate liquidation store.  I recognized that it is the same blown glass as some older buttons are made from; in fact, it might even be a button that was made into a pin.  The clerk looked at me like I was nuts when I told her that.  But we know better, don't we, button lovers?  It was $4 and the reason I agreed to pay that much for it is because of the great deal that I got on the next item I'm going to show you:
This BEAUTIFUL McCoy Jardinere!  I can't even tell you how excited I was to get this -- it's something I can now check off of my bucket list, as I've always wanted to own one!
It was marked $48, which is typical estate sale price, and then 50% off.  When I took it to the counter, the clerk told me that all pots in the store were an additional 25% off.  So, I got this beautiful pot for $12.  It is an incredible deal, as I normally don't see these for any less than $70, and sometimes up to $120, depending upon the color.

Oh, happy day!
Speaking of happy days: how about those Cardinals?!
Dennis is born-and-raised in St. Louis, so they are our team!
Here's Ben with his rally squirrel on his hat!
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leaves and Lace

I'm excited to tell you about changes to my handmade Etsy shop!  As many of you who are also Etsy sellers know, we were recently given the opportunity to change our shop names.  My handmade shop was called Twice Shy Re-stored, a name which I found clever and suitable a couple of years ago -- but not anymore.  So, I took advantage and gave my shop a name I like much better: Leaves and Lace!

my new shop banner
my new shop avatar
Since, as you know, it's been looking like this around here...
I've taken advantage of cosy-at-home time these last couple of days
to work on some new ephemera journals for my "new" shop!
You may recognize part of the covers of these two journals;
they were collages that I made for Mary Green's 
monthly collage challenges the last couple of months.
I mounted them onto book covers and I just love them!
I'm also very pleased with how these two came out --
especially the one on the left, which is the very first
ephemera journal I've ever made for a man!
Something different in these four journals is
the use of Braille pages for interest.
Each of these also has either a letter from a little girl to her father,
or one from a wife to the husband (same family.)
The family was experiencing a separation in 1918 due to the war.
I love them all, but this might be my favorite,
as I used text from Pride and Prejudice on the cover!

If you want to see more, all the pages of all the journals
are shown in the listings, in my freshly-named shop!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snowman, penguin, snow day!

We are getting snow today!  So, what better time to show you these wonderful items I picked up at a craft fair over the weekend...both of which fit the winter theme!
Did you know I used to collect penguins, for many, many years?  I drastically downsized my collection and kept only my absolute favorites.  It wasn't easy, but it was necessary.
Still, I couldn't resist this little guy when I saw him; it's my first penguin in quite a while!
One of the reasons I fell in love with him is that he's made completely from recycled materials.  The gal who makes him, Cheryl Carlson, calls her company "Seal Bait."  She's committed to using up all of her garbage!  She makes lots of penguins of many different sizes, from a decoupage-like process, using something like a medicine bottle, for example, as the base for the bird.
I think he's very cleverly put-together!
This little snowman, also made by Cheryl, is so unique!
I love his copper nose, his wild, wire "hair",
and the cute stole he's wearing!
His base is a glass soda bottle!

With the acquisition of these
two little decorations,
and the snow that's falling,
it's time to admit it...
winter, and the holidays,
are on the way!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I had some more beautiful things to show you from our visit to Florence Saturday.  Wanna see?
I visited a store called Heartland; I liked this display of
great plates with women on them.
Another pretty plate -- I know, I'm addicted!
We enjoyed a really delicious lunch at Aspen Leaf Bakery;
everything was so fresh, service was quick,
and we even shared a slice of cherry pie for dessert!
At Iron Gate Antiques,
where I had a camera malfunction
and didn't get photos, unfortunately, I found:
the cutest lot of vintage fans!
These will be so perfect for future matchbox swaps,
where I'm always looking for something tiny and wonderful!
Speaking of small and wonderful,
look at this vintage Paris box!
I really loved this rhinestone heart pin!
And, my favorite buy: these two buttons!
Well, I'm not even sure this round mother of pearl one is a button...
because, look at the back of it!  It's definitely shell,
but I'm not sure if it's a button.
What do you think it is?
Our last stop was Willie's Antiques.
Doesn't this faux cake on display there look good enough to eat?
I would have LOVED to have been able to splurge
on this German lace bedspread ~swoon~!
Instead, I came home with this beautiful chintz cup and saucer...
 and this VERY distressed quilt top.  I love the color scheme!
So perfect for autumn!
It was a very fun day full of lots of little, inexpensive but fun finds.
Florence is the perfect place for a day like that!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn antiquing in small town Florence

Dennis and I had a "date day" on Saturday since Ben was off camping; it was the most beautiful Fall day.  It was a beautiful drive, past groves of bright orange and gold aspens.
Main Street, Florence
Our first stop was The Mezzanine, which is two floors of great stuff and thoughtful arrangement with lovely vignettes.  They were in full Halloween mode!
We were greeted by the Madam
Scary masks -- which were original art
I really wanted Miss Sally Victor's rose-covered hat!  Alas, it was too small for me.  Most vintage and antique hats are -- I have a really big head!
Another lovely, too-small hat; this one is perfect for Autumn!
Even Dennis found some things here to like; such as this vintage signage...
and the building's original stairs, which are incredibly sturdy and well-made.
A corn husking machine
Isn't this apron-display a clever idea?
I could use something like this in my house, for all my beautiful linens!
At Mezzanine, I picked up some beautiful Czech glass buttons -- black glass --
and the cutest little cube buttons made of soft wood!
Also this very sweet old black and white trim!
But this was my favorite buy...
It's a teacher remembrance gift, given to a student who graduated in 1916!
The inside is printed with sage advice -- a send off.
It's lovely!
Next we visited Fox Den Antiques, which is full of gifts and home decor
as well as wonderful antiques!
Just getting ready for Christmas,
there were some adorable heart-shaped,
hand-sewn ornaments with buttons on them!
Of course I had to take one of those home with me,
as well as:
another beautiful heart ornament,
cut from an antique metal ceiling tin
And dreamy ephemera, like this antique, handmade folder
With sewn pocket, to hold onto clippings before they were
put into a scrapbook.
an old account book, and newer (but still old)
tally card with adorable graphics!
 And then this -- A Telephone Book for Teenagers
I think it's from the 1950s.
Each page has a different teen on it...
I wonder what Rosemary did to be crossed out of the book?
Poor, misunderstood mom!
The whole thing just made me smile!
Next: a couple more Florence stores,
and more of my buys!