Online friends

My friend, Terri has just opened an Etsy shop.  It's called The Junque Seeker, just like her blog is, and you should run over there and make it a favorite right now!  She keeps adding fun and beautiful vintage stuff at great prices.
I bought some of this GORGEOUS trim fro her shop -- it's velvet with pleated satin and to die for!
So, Terri, being the kind and generous friend she is, also sent me a gift: some of the same trim in pink (squee!), lace, and a little bag of buttons!
Aren't they yummy?
Speaking of sweet friends, I received a surprise gift in the mail from another friend, Lorraine!   Lorraine, who is a paper arts aficionado and has an eye for thrifty finds, blogs over at Paper Vernissage.  She told me that she saw these cards while out thrifting, and thought of me immediately!
Isn't the little French looking girl the cutest?!
 (She looks just like one of the buttons on my right hand sidebar,
which is what Lorraine noticed immediately.)
I am going to have so much fun with those cards.
She also sent this BUTTON PUZZLE!
I really love my online friends!


Vintage Jane said…
Aren't blogging friends fantastic? The trim is lovely, I wish the buttons were mine, and the card is so sweet. I'm heading over to check out Terri's shop now. M x
Hope said…
Good Morning Laurie!

Thanks for the heads up on Terrie's Etsy Shop.....I don't think she has a shop anymore....I about bought everything. I just love my blogging friends. Hope you are well and can't wait to see your button card on flicker!

LuLu Kellogg said…
I love my Blogging friends and sometimes we are lucky enough to get to meet some of them in person! So glad I have already met you!!!

I am off to peek in her shop!

Unknown said…
Those buttons are so great! Makes me think of candy....Good friends are hard to find.
LuLu Kellogg said…
I popped over to her shop and what I wanted to buy was snatched up quick! She's got fabulous things!

Marion said…
Great post, Laurie. I went over to her shop and snatched up a gorgeous pair of pink-edged doilies for $5.00! xo
Thank you so much, Laurie! As everyone knows, you are the best. And thanks to everyone for stopping by my little shop and for your sweet comments - and purchases!

What a cute card from Lorraine, and I know you're going to love working on that button puzzle.
Linda E. Pruitt said…
I haven't visited you in a while! I love the buttons--they are all so different!! I go to thrift shops and I find vintage fabrics there, which I love.

Hope all is well with you, Laurie!
Lorraine said…
Hope you have fun with the puzzle..... and the cards!
Kathy said…
Oh you lucky girl!! That white button with the "drops" is fantastic and oh, my, a button PUZZLE, how fun is that! I feel very blessed to have found blogging and the wonderful people I have me there.
Well durn, looks like that gorgeous ribbon went fast!

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