October's Collage Challenge

Here's what I did with Mary's October Collage Challenge!
I went simpler this month, blending her images with two
vintage wallpapers of my own, and hand-writing a caption.
I just couldn't resist taking advantage of the comic potential here!
To see the collages others have made


Birgit said…
I love that you also share a little story behind your collage. :)

Happy creating,
Joanna said…
He he! I LOVE that wallpaper that you've used as a background.
Funny story and background is lovely.
Beth Leintz said…
Oh I love it- I saw Mary's challenge and I thought "oh no, that's too hard"- your take on it is great.
Susan said…
What a fun collage! I love the vintage wallpapers you used!
Anonymous said…
What a great job - darling!

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