I had some more beautiful things to show you from our visit to Florence Saturday.  Wanna see?
I visited a store called Heartland; I liked this display of
great plates with women on them.
Another pretty plate -- I know, I'm addicted!
We enjoyed a really delicious lunch at Aspen Leaf Bakery;
everything was so fresh, service was quick,
and we even shared a slice of cherry pie for dessert!
At Iron Gate Antiques,
where I had a camera malfunction
and didn't get photos, unfortunately, I found:
the cutest lot of vintage fans!
These will be so perfect for future matchbox swaps,
where I'm always looking for something tiny and wonderful!
Speaking of small and wonderful,
look at this vintage Paris box!
I really loved this rhinestone heart pin!
And, my favorite buy: these two buttons!
Well, I'm not even sure this round mother of pearl one is a button...
because, look at the back of it!  It's definitely shell,
but I'm not sure if it's a button.
What do you think it is?
Our last stop was Willie's Antiques.
Doesn't this faux cake on display there look good enough to eat?
I would have LOVED to have been able to splurge
on this German lace bedspread ~swoon~!
Instead, I came home with this beautiful chintz cup and saucer...
 and this VERY distressed quilt top.  I love the color scheme!
So perfect for autumn!
It was a very fun day full of lots of little, inexpensive but fun finds.
Florence is the perfect place for a day like that!


Linda K said…
Someone replaced the pearl button into what was a pin or brooch. Still sweet.
Sounds like a perfect day! You found so many lovely things. I'm hoping for a day like that this coming Saturday. We'll see!
Wendy said…
Your button is actually a pin that went with a set of matching earrings....My mom has a set from when she was a young women in the 50's.....yours is a great find...
Angela said…
Oh, love that china cup and saucer! And the quilt of course! :o)
Unknown said…
I love chintz......it is so beautiful!

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