What's up in Colorado

We're about in the middle of October, which means "flip flop and snowshoe" days.  Here's what I mean:
last Thursday


Saturday morning
No snow since Saturday -- it all melted by 3 pm -- but, there's snow on all the peaks as you can see and it is definitely a bit more brisk!

Ben is on Fall Break for two weeks right now, and I've been doing some freelance work for a fantastic project that I'm very excited about: it's called Operation Re-Scrap and it's all about crafting for a cause.  The specific project I'm working on is a Craft & Home Decor Consignment Sale that is happening November 11-13 in the nearby town of Castle Rock.
It's been keeping me busy for the last week, and I'll be spending more hours on it between now and the event, but I'm really enjoying myself.
Is anyone else getting a hankering for Christmas crafting?
I added a few new Christmas items to my Etsy shop, and now I have Christmas on the brain!
So...what are you up to this week?


HI! I'm Tabitha said…
oh man christmas is definately on the brain. colorado seems to have crazy weather like KC. i am crossing my fingers this nice weather holds up for a few more weeks.
Marion said…
I'm green with envy looking at your amazing photos. It's pushing 90 here and quite humid. I soooo want to visit Colorado one of these days. I've been reading the author Barbara Samuel (who also writes as Barbara O'Neal) and her stories are often set in Colorado.

FYI: Cathead Biscuits are big, like as big as a cat's head. And you mix them and spoon them onto a cookie sheet (no rolling or cutting) so they sort of resemble cat's heads. LOL! I don't know where the name originated, but my Mama & Aunts called them that.

Happy crafting, Laurie! I just learned how to make paper beads and am having a blast doing that. Thank God for Youtube and the countless instructional videos there. Blessings! xo

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