What I bought, aka Thrifty Finds

So, here's what I bought at Bart's Flea Market, in Cheyenne with Suzanne (hey! that rhymes!):
It was sort of "enamel day" -- I found a lot of it!
I just thought this little kettle was so adorable, 
with its mid century modern fruit bowl,
and the cute little tipped handle!  It's for sale now in my Etsy shop, here.
And I kind of went crazy over the green pear and apple motif on this
heavy enamel sugar canister!  That is is a signed
Georges Briard is makes it extra special.
It's for sale now in my Etsy shop, here.
This is for my friend Jeanelle; she likes larger enamel pieces lately.
The tag said, "deeply distressed" -- and they were NOT kidding!
Here's a glimpse looking down into it.
Another deeply discounted item -- the Dutch boy and girl Shawnee wishing well planter.
Discounted because it has a crack, but I liked it anyway!
And some linens:
A fun, sheer, star motif apron.  Look at the tulle on the edges!
It's also for sale now in my Etsy shop, here.
A rare Verasheer scarf by Vera Neumann
Two tattered embroidered tea towels with Cowboy Kittens!
These will become decor for a pillow.
Finally, a very cute little card from ca. 1950.
I just loved the chair, and the teenaged boy who reminds me of my own.

How about you?  Any thrifty finds lately?


Kathy said…
Love that little planter and YES I would have bought it too, crack and all!!
Vintage Jane said…
Love your enamel buys and the distressed piece just looks lived, loved and used. M x

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