Excellent ephemera

I love to look through piles of old papers to find wonderful ephemera; I could do it for hours.
Above are the contents of a plastic bag I found while antiquing, which turned out to be souvenir cards someone saved from their European vacation.  The graphics on some of them are just so wonderful!
Their travels also took them to New Orleans, in 1938, where their hotel room cost $3 per night.
Here's a separate piece of ephemera, also travel-related, from the 1950s; it is a customs declaration tag for items brought back from Europe.
I also bought some postcards and photos that were bargain priced at an antique store.
I find old photos so inspiring sometimes.
After I'd scored a large sale on eBay, I splurged on this postcard album.
It was almost completely full of very beautiful cards...
some rather unique, I thought...
and I love every single one!
I don't have to mention my infatuation with antique china and transferware, do I?
Here are a few of my $1 thrift store additions!
It's my policy not to indulge in cupless saucers...
but I make an exception for Minton.  Now, I'm on a mission to find the mate cup!
I must say: after so many readers admired this camera...
It grew on me, too!

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Marty said…
Really wonderful finds you had! I really love the ephemera. What fun to look back and imagine what their trip must've been like! :)
LuLu Kellogg said…
I love old ephemera too...just about as much as I love my buttons!

Hope your week is wonderful!

Peace said…
Girl, what Thrifts and Junque Shoppes do you know about that I don't? I can't imagine those delicious finds at the Brass Armadillo for so cheap! I am apparently on the wrong end of town up North here! :OD Great scores!! Jealous of the ephemera!
Jingle said…
Fabulous ephemera, and I am still drooling over the camera!
Kathy said…
Oh.My.Gosh. I don't even know where to begin. That bag of ephemera and the postcard album are just over the top wonderful!! I adore the graphics on the old postcards. Great finds!
Angela said…
Love that Minton saucer - such pretty colors! And it looks like you're in heaven with all the ephemera!
Gaby Bee said…
You did really great shopping! Gorgeous finds! Love especially that potscard album! Lucky you!
What great finds - love the plates and the ephemera!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

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